We Will Not Fall

The girl who has never had a friend finds a friend. Ryann is that girl. The one surrounded by whispers. The one who wishes to blend in. Who has had all her self-esteem drained out of her through bullying. A friend, to keep her from falling.

A short story based on the song by Zoe Altenau, "We Will Not Fall", which will be linked as multimedia to this movella.

No copyright infringement intended.


2. Friend

Later that day, I am at lunch, staring at my congealed macaroni and cheese. I am alone, at the table in the corner. The laughs of my peers surround me.
“Can I sit here?” A voice cuts me out of my thoughts. I look up to see the girl from this morning standing there, holding a red tray of food. I nod, and she takes the seat beside me.
“This is a big school. My old school had less than a hundred kids in a grade.” She’s talking.
“Yeah, I guess.” I’ve been in this district since I was in preschool.
“Ryann, what do you like to do?” she inquires.
“Um, draw, and read I guess.” I answer.
“You can draw? I’m a terrible artist. Even my stick people are crooked.” She smiles.
“I suppose.” I take a bite of my food. It is disgusting. I wash it down with plenty of water. She must’ve noticed my expression because she comments.
“That doesn’t look good.”
“It’s not.”
“Hey, what’s your name?” I ask. Another first.
“Leah.” She smiles, and I smile back.
I think I just made a friend.

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