We Will Not Fall

The girl who has never had a friend finds a friend. Ryann is that girl. The one surrounded by whispers. The one who wishes to blend in. Who has had all her self-esteem drained out of her through bullying. A friend, to keep her from falling.

A short story based on the song by Zoe Altenau, "We Will Not Fall", which will be linked as multimedia to this movella.

No copyright infringement intended.


4. Determined

    It’s a week later. Leah and I are what I guess people call best friends, doing things most people take for granted. Talking, giggling, and passing notes in class are all rather foreign to me. At the moment, we’re up high in a tree in the woods behind my house, talking, when Leah changes the subject.
“Why do you hate yourself so much?” She’s serious.
“I don’t hate myself.” I protest.
“Ryann, you have no confidence. Zip, zero, none.”
“I’ve been bullied since I was in sixth grade.” I say quietly. I hate talking about this.
“You never stand up for yourself?” Leah asks in obvious disbelief.
“No. It won’t stop anything.”
“Have you ever told anyone?” she persisted.
“No. It’d just get worse.”
“Ever had any friends at least?”
“No.” She looks sad.
“You have me.” I am looking at her, probably with a ridiculously hopeful expression on my face.
“Hey, thanks for standing up for me.” I surprise her, and myself.
“I’m not going to let you fall.” She’s determined. I smile, and she smiles back , brown eyes sparkling.

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