We Will Not Fall

The girl who has never had a friend finds a friend. Ryann is that girl. The one surrounded by whispers. The one who wishes to blend in. Who has had all her self-esteem drained out of her through bullying. A friend, to keep her from falling.

A short story based on the song by Zoe Altenau, "We Will Not Fall", which will be linked as multimedia to this movella.

No copyright infringement intended.


3. Brave

    It’s 2:46, and I am going to my next class with Leah. This is the path I hate the most. It takes me to math, which I hate, and I have to walk right through the pretty girls, all stopped in the middle of the hallway to get there. The fruity smell of perfume is dizzying, and all the phones, MissMe jeans and sparkly Vans are overwhelming. 
“She should wash her hair.” I hear one whisper to another. I can practically hear the blondeness oozing out of her voice.
“Oh my gosh, I know, right? And what’s on her notebook? A lizard? Eww.” she whispers back.
It’s a dragon. I pretend not to hear and keep going, but Leah stops, and turns to face the popular girls. 
Leah… I’m calling with my mind, hoping she’ll hear. I want to leave.
“What was that you said?” Leah is asking the first blonde.
This can’t go well, I think.
“Um…” she trails off.
“‘Um’ is right. Leave Ryann alone, got it?” She turns to the second girl. “And you too. Don’t talk that way about my friend.” The hallway is silent, shiny mouths hanging open like cartoons, revealing perfectly straight, white teeth. I am stunned too. Nobody talks to the pretties like that.
“C’mon Ryann.” I am following, not entirely sure what just happened, but going with my instincts to trust her judgment.


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