I don't like you, face it!!

Primrose Scarrlet Evergreen hates One Direction with all of her heart. Primrose is a Youtuber and one day she got the news that other Youtubers were going to interview One Direction. Primrose is super angry but she doesn't want to dissapoint her viewers. All the boys seem to have a certain interest in her. She hates them but they always seem to come back.


2. My worst nightmare

"Primrose Everdeen?"


"Evergreen actually." I corrected the lady at the desk. Seriously, it says Evergreen not Everdeen, I'm not a character from the Hunger Games am I?


"Sorry, oh and they're ready to see you now."


I got up and made my way to the small room around the corner. I've been  waiting here for 30 minutes sitting on a very uncomfortable, wobbley chair, listening people to call their relatives - telling their good news - and people crying - telling their bad news. Honestly, if I make a bad first impression, I'll be fine. I'm supposed to be interviewing One Direction anyway, so if a make a total flop today, I won't care. I slowly strolled through the small corridor when I heard my phone beep. I stopped walking to read the messgae. It was from my bestfriend wishing my luck.


From; Mave

Break a leg. And if you meet a member of 1D, take a pic and do a video where Niall's telling me he loves me! K? 


To Mave;

I will break your leg if you make me talk to them!! I hate them, you know that!!


From Mave;

Oh fine, be that way!! Good luck anyway :)


As I was smiling after reading the message I was rugby takled by two boys. One blonde, kinda short boy with blue eyes and the other had green eyes, bushy or curly hair and he was tall.


"Oh I'm so sorry."


"Oh, its-" I stopped talking as I realised who it was. It was those weirdos from One Direction!!! Ugh.


"Next time watch where you're going and don't knock over a poor girl!!!" I yelled picking up my stuff.

I walked away in anger, then took a little peek back to see if I missed anything. They were staring at me. To be honest, they were good lucking. Snap out of it. Oh em gee, I missed my interview!!


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