Things are Different Now

A Johnlock fanfic based when Sherlock returns...


4. Chapter 4

The five of them sat in the living room of 221b Baker Street, just talking.

"You're not eating." Sherlock observed.

"You knew I had an eating disorder, it was linked to depression. I've been depressed for the last three years."


"How did you do it then?"

"Do what?"

"Fake your death? I checked your pulse myself."

"Remember the black rubber ball that I was throwing at the wall when you walked in on me in St. Barts? I put it under my arm, it stops the pulse in the wrist."


Inside, Sherlock fellt awkward. He didn't show it but he didn't know what to do. He didn't want to upset John but he wanted to be with him. He still loved him but he knew that there was little chance of that now. He knew that things would be different now. He still cared about John enough to know that if he started having a nightmare, he would wake him again, just as he had before.

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