Things are Different Now

A Johnlock fanfic based when Sherlock returns...


3. Chapter 3

When John awoke, Sherlok was still set in the chair opposite but he wasn't crying.

"John, for what it's worth, I swear, I will never leave you alone again, not unless you want me to, in which case, I will walk out that door right now and will never come back."

"I want you to stay." said John quickly and he went over to Sherlock, who stood up, not knowing what to expect, then, without warning, John hugged him.

"Never leave me. Things will be different now but please stay with me?"

This time, Sherlock allowed John to see the tears roll down his cheeks.

"You do understand why I did this, don't you?"

"Because friends protect people?"

Sherlock laughed a sad little laugh like he had just befor he jumped.

"Yes. I wouldn't be able to live knowing that you had died and I could've stopped it."

Mrs Hudson reentered the room, followed by Lestrade and Mycroft. He made no effort to hide his tears. John let go of Sherlock as they entered. Mycroft walked straight over to Sherlock and hugged him.

"Why did you jump, Sherlock?"

"Moriarty gave me a choice. Either I jumped from the roof or John, Lestrade and Mrs Hudson would all die. I jumped to protect my friends. I couldn't let them all die just so I could live. I waited so long to let you know so I knew you were all safe."

"So you jumped off the roof of the hospital to protect us?" asked Lestrade

"John was the only person to teach me about friendship and loyalty, Mrs Hudson often did housework and shopping, prepared food, that kind of thing whilst constantly insisting that she wasn't my house keeper and you le me help out with cases when i needed to work. I couldnt just let Moriarty kill you all."

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