Things are Different Now

A Johnlock fanfic based when Sherlock returns...


2. Chapter 2

Shortly after sunrise, Mrs Hudson awoke and heard John crying so she went upstairs to see if he was okay. She walked in to find him curled up on a chair.

"Are you okay, love? What is it?"

She heared the door close.

"He's mad at me. And emotional."

She turned around.


"He awoke and came into the living room and saw me. He was mad at me. Understandable. I did fake my death and make him watch and then left it three years to the day before returning."

Mrs Hudson ran out the room.

"John, you need more sleep. Here, I'll play a tune." Sherlock said, picking up his violin. He began to play. He played the tune he had always played to help John sleep. One of his own melodies, but he knew that John had this time cried himself to sleep. Sherlock sat in the chair opposite John and watched over him. He had promised John a long time ago that he would always watch over him and he had never broken that promise. Even for the last three years, he had watched over John every night and every day. Now that Sherlock was the only one awake, he, for once, didn't force himself to stay strong. He broke down completely, tears streaming down his cheeks. It was his fault that John was upset and it broke his heart to know. Even just to see John in that state killed him inside.

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