Little Things

How would you feel if you were all alone? A 15 year old crying for help. How would you feel if your parents died, leaving you to fight your own battles. Then how would you feel if your real parents were Niall and Isabel Horan. What if you were re-united with them. Could you forgive them or would their actions 15 years ago cause you to resent them?


2. Mum?

Nialls P.O.V


From El Tommo: Coming now. Get ready to meet your daughter :)

I glanced excitedly at the text. Finally, after 15 years, we could have our daughter back. I couldn't be happier. Not that I was happy that Dan and Hannah had died, they were some of my best friends. But finally, Maya was coming home. It wasn't our fault she left, not really. We wanted her back, we begged, we pleaded. But she was settled. We couldn't ruin her life, unsettle her. Keela came along and we acted as if Maya never existed, it sounded bad but it was our way of coping without Maya. She was our first born. Nobody could replace that. My little Maya Ella Horan. My little angel. I looked at Izzy and nodded. She smiled and glanced anxiously at the door. Just then the bell went off. We stared at eachother. We hadn't seen Maya in 5 years. On her 10th birthday they moved away. This going to be a big shock. We went forward and opened the door. There stood el, with a young girl behind her. Her hair was a dark blonde. She had bright blue eyes, which twinkled in the sun. She was beautiful. She stared at us both in shock.

"Mum, Dad?" She asked and we nodded. I ran forward and embraced her in what used to be called a horan hug.

"I cant believe it's you" I muttered, as I embraced her. She let out a small smile as I let go. She looked at Izzy and Izzy started crying.  By instinct I rubbed her back and when she calmed down, she asked,

"Maya, is it really you?" almost in disbelief. Maya nodded and gave a little cute shrug, they walked forward slowly letting themselves gain contact. 15 years we had waited to be this close to our daughter. 15 years.

"Can I meet Keela, Annabelle and James?" She asked and I nodded. We lead her into the house and upstairs to Keelas room. We knocked on the door and when Keela answered, she saw Maya and her eyes widened in shock.  She let us in after a moment of thinking.

"Keela, this is Maya. She's your older sister" We said before walking out, leaving Maya and Keela to talk.


Mayas P.O.V


"Keela this is Maya. She's your older sister" Niall said before walking out. Do I call him dad, I? mean he is my dad. But is it too soon? The girl was extremely pretty, she had dark brown hair that curled to halfway down her back, just like our mums. But she had the same eyes as me.

"Ummm hi" She said, looking at me confused.

"They didn't tell you, you had a sister did they?" I asked and she shook my head

"I'm sorry" She replied simply, looking upset.

"It's fine I didn't know till the other day. I'm your real sister though. Same mum, same dad. But I was raised by different people, you can ask dad or mum to explain that one." She looked at me and then smiled

"Are you Maya Thorn, or were you at least?" She asked.

"Um yeah, why?" I asked. She looked at me smiling.

"A few years ago, when we moved, I found a box. It was full of school reports and school play flyers they had been to. They were all yours. I asked dad who Maya Thorn was and he just told I was imagining things. I haven't seen the box since. So anyway. If you're my sister, I want gossip. You got a boyfriend?" She asked. I felt my face drop a little.

"I did back home in L.A but we broke up when I found out we were coming back here, he broke up with me, that is. My parents, well the people who raised me, were buried here. I moved back the other day and I've been staying with Louis and Eleanor since. I still can't believe you're my sister. And Annabelle, and James. I remember Annabelle and James being born!" I said and she smiled.

"Follow me, I'll take you to meet them!"

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