Little Things

How would you feel if you were all alone? A 15 year old crying for help. How would you feel if your parents died, leaving you to fight your own battles. Then how would you feel if your real parents were Niall and Isabel Horan. What if you were re-united with them. Could you forgive them or would their actions 15 years ago cause you to resent them?


1. Goodbye

Maya's P.O.V


"NO!" I screamed as their pale lifeless bodies lay in front of me.

"Ms Thorn, are they your parents?" The doctor asked annoyed. Could he not see I was upset.

"Yes" I sobbed. The doctor nodded his thanks and left the room. Another person to leave me. My mums old friend entered. Her name was Eleanor Tomlinson. I had known her since I was tiny, yet I never met her family. I was never allowed.

"Maya, there's something I need to give to you. I promised your mum if she ever died before you were 18 I would give it to you." She said, the tears were also streaming down her face. She handed me a small note. I took it and read it.

My dearest Maya,

If you're reading this, i'm dead and I didn't get to tell you myself. I'm sorry for that. I loved you baby, as if you were my own daughter, but you're not. You never were. You belong to another family. They've seen you grow up and have always looked forward to meeting you. We were going to tell you when you were 18. 15 years ago a young couple had a baby girl, you. They were young and loved you very much. But your dad had a busy career and he didn't want to leave your mum at home when he was travelling. A baby couldn't go with them so I agreed to look after you until they settled down. 4 years later they did and had another daughter, your sister. They wanted you back but I said no. You were too settled. So we agreed that they could watch you from the wings. Keep an eye on you but never let you know that they were your parents. Eleanor will take you to them. I love you princess and i'm sorry I kept you from your parents

love mum xx


I stared at the note in shock and then at Eleanor

"Take me after their funeral" I said through the tears, she nodded and then pulled me in for a hug


I stared at the newly placed gravestones. Their names printed so perfectly on them.

"Ready to meet your parents?" Eleanor asked and I nodded. We walked to her car and got in. I sat silently in the front, thoughts flooding my mind. What if they didn't like me. What if I let them down. What if they were horrid. I knew I had a sister but I don't know about any other children. I have no clue when my mum, well my kinda mum, wrote that note.

"El, do I have any brothers or sisters?" I asked, she looked at me and smiled

"2 sisters called Keela who's 11 and Annabelle who's 8. Then a brother, James who's 2." She said. Aww, i'd always wanted a younger brother or sister, turns out I have 3. She stopped the car and I stared at the house in front of me. It was massive. I slowly got out and followed Eleanor. She rung the doorbell, whilst I stood there, looking like a lemon. The door opened and I could have died. There in front of me stood Niall and Isabel Horan. My mum and dad!

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