A Legacy Was Born

Ashleigh Adams hasn't had the best life. Her birth parents died when she was only one, her foster parents hate her for being her, she's kicked out her 'home' and she has no friends. Thing's looked like they would never get better for Ashleigh. Now, she's ready to try and get her life together at the age of 18. She's trying to find a job, but no one will hire a homeless person, will they? This is her story about how her story changed the world.


1. Chapter 1.

    I suppose you could say I have no chance. No chance in life, and that would be true. You wouldn't be lying since I have no chance. My life's been bad ever since the start, ever since I was born. My mother died giving birth to me and my father died soon afterwards due to drug addiction. I was put in an orphanage for two years until a family decided to adopt me. The family who adopted me weren't very nice, in fact, they hit me almost every day; I still have the bruises. When I was 17, just a year ago, I was kicked out of that house because I wasn't bringing home any money for my rent. My foster parents gave me a rucksack containing very little; a packet of ready salted crisps, a bottle of water, a change of spare clothes and a ripped, old blanket. Now I'm 18 and I live all alone on the streets of Bristol, a small city in England. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll get a pound or two towards food, or if I'm really lucky, someone will sit down with me and talk for awhile, keeping me company. The worst thing about my whole life is no one's ever stood up for me, helped me or given me advice. The school I was sent to didn't help me at all. I suppose I know nothing now. I just wish I could go back to the start and start a fresh.  

    A cold wind whistled through the streets of Bristol, sending chills up my spine. I small tear trickled down my cheek as I watched all the people dressed in suits and skirts hurry into office buildings. It made me think what my life might of been like if my mother didn't die and my father wasn't a drug addict... But I can't change what's already been done. I sighed to myself, collecting what was left of my things and stood up, beginning to walk towards a nearby Tesco's. People gave me strange looks as I dug myself out a chicken sandwich from the back of the fridge freezer in the Tesco's. I had finally saved up enough money to treat myself to a nice meal for a change. I know, I know, I should be saving for something like more clothes so I can get a job. I paid for the sandwich, all the while people were giving me strange looks. Someone behind me muttered something but I couldn't catch what he said. Knowing the people in this area, it was either something rude or racist. I rolled my eyes as I thanked the cashier and left the building, dragging my blanket behind me. I walked along the street, dodging the hungover idiots at the side of the road holding empty beer bottles and shouting rude things at me. I kept walking, ignoring the words that broke my spirit. Eventually, I arrived at what I think is a school. Normally, I take a walk to the docks and back but it seems I've gotten lost today. I'll have to ask somebody how to get back. No one was to be seen so I walked into the school office and rang the bell.

 "Hello? How may I help you ma'am?" Said the lady who appeared behind the glass counter. She smiled at me and I smiled back, looking her up and down. She wore a fancy dress with her messy blonde hair tied up in a bun and a pair of black glasses over her water-like blue eyes.

 "Yeah," I coughed a little, trying to get my words out. I've always been a bit nervous around new people. "I'm kinda lost, can you help me get back to Cabot Circus?" I finally asked, stuttering a bit. The lady looked me up and down and gasped, shaking her head. 

 "What happened to you? You don't look much younger than me!" She said, shocked.

 "I'm 18 and I was kicked out my house a year ago." I explained briefly. She nodded and took out her purse, digging around in it until she found a £20 note. 

 "Here," She tried to hand me the note but I wouldn't let her. "Take this for some new clothes." 

 "I can't take your money, I'll be fine. Thank you though." I shook my head, handing the money back to her. 

 "Okay, but if you ever need anything, I'll be here. By the way, my name is Georgia." She smiled at me, showing her pure white teeth. "Cabot Circus is just behind here and down the road." 

 "Thank you, and I'm Ashleigh. I better be off." I thanked her, walking out the school and back down the road I'd come from. What a lovely lady, I thought.On my way back, I found a piece of paper and a ruined pen on the floor. I picked it up and smiled to myself. I may not be very strong on the outside, but on the inside, I'm stronger than ever. 

 The sky turned a dark red as it began to spit with rain. I found shelter under tree in the park near my 'home'. I didn't know what to do so I got out the pen and paper and began writing my feelings down. Every single one of my feelings came out on the paper in a messy blob of writing. I felt proud of myself for I had written a song. A song I was hoping would change my life. 


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