The City of Love || L.T.

Vanessa is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother. She has a best friend called Jade and spends a lot of time with her. They've known each other their whole life and have always been together.

On one day a there's a new boy in their class. His name is Louis and Louis and Vanessa become great friends. Besides the arrival of Louis, Vanessa has something else to think about. They're going on a trip to Paris! She's super excited and so is the whole class. But isn't Paris the city of love?


2. Ugh, Feelings

The next morning I wake up by the sound of my alarm. I absolutely hate the thought of going to school but then I think about Louis. I feel myself fluttering a bit. Am I in love with a guy that I barely know? I can't be, but he’s so funny, cute, sweet… Ooh I have to hurry! Otherwise I’ll be late for school! I take a shower and put my clothes on. I quickly eat my breakfast and after that I brush my teeth. When I’m done with everything I wait for Louis. The doorbell rings. I walk toward the door and open it. “Hey Lou!” “Hi Nessa!” He hugs me and smiles. “Did you sleep well?” he asks me. “Yes! Did you?” I smile at him and he nods quickly. “Me too! Are you ready to go to school?” “Yes!” I smile at Louis. Then my mum calls me from the kitchen. “Nessa?” “Yes mum?” “Come over here.” “Okay.” I go to my mum. “Louis, can you come in? My mum wants to meet you.” I say, laughing softly. “Okay!” he and walks into the kitchen. “Hello!” “Hey Louis!” “What’s your name, if I may ask?” Louis asks, smiling at my mum. “My name is Lauren. So, you’re the new guy in Nessa’s class?” mum asks Louis and smiles. “Yes I am.” They talk for a little bit longer and then I notice Louis and I are going to be late for school. “Louis, we have to go now! Otherwise we’ll be late for school!” “Ooh, okay. Bye Lauren, it was lovely to meet you!” “Bye Louis, it was lovely to meet you too.” Louis and I walk to school. “Are you ready for the presentation?” Louis asks. “Yes, I am. You?” “Me too. We’re going to be the best! Believe me.” I laugh and shake my head. “Of course. I mean we’re Nessa and Lou! Our presentation will be the best one.” “I totally agree.” He gives me a high five and laughs as well. We continue our walk to school.

We arrive at school. We first walk to our lockers and put everything we don’t need in it. After that we walk into the classroom and the teacher closes the door. “Ok class, first of all, good morning.” “Good morning.” “So, who wants to start with their presentation?” the teacher asks, looking around. “Shall we start?” I ask Louis. “Hell yeah!” I raise my hand. “Ok, so Vanessa and Louis may start.” We do our presentation and it goes really well. “Thanks for that wonderful presentation! Next up are Brian and Alex.” our teacher says and Louis gives me a high five. “We’re the best of the whole class!” he says, chuckling. “Louis! We were the first. You can’t know that already.” I reply, laughing softly. “I know it. We’re just the best.” “Ok you’re right.” “Louis and Vanessa, be quiet!” the teacher says. We both laugh and watch the others giving their presentation. “You all did very well but I must say that the presentation from Vanessa and Louis was amazing.” the teacher says. “Thanks.” we both say at the same time. The next lesson we have English. “Hello class!” the teacher says. “Hello Caro!” The class replies. This is my favorite teacher, because she is so nice and she doesn’t care if you call her Caro. “This lesson we’ll talk about our trip to Paris.” “Woohoo!” the whole class cheers. “Ooh, I see a we have a new guy in the class. What’s your name?” “I’m Louis.” “Well, hello Louis. I don’t know if you know it but next week we have a trip to Paris.” “Yes, I already knew that.” “Good! So, you have to be in pairs. But one pair has to be with three. Any volunteers?” “Louis can be in our group.” Brian says. “Ok, so Louis you’re with Brian and Andy. Is that ok?” “Yes it is.” “Ok, so now we’re going to talk about the trip itself. It’s going to be so much fun! The only thing is that Jade is still ill. Nessa, do you know if she will be better by tomorrow, because tomorrow we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do.” “I think so. She said she’s only feeling dizzy today so I think she’ll be better by tomorrow.” “Great.” The rest of the lesson we may do something for ourselves so Louis and I talk about the trip. “We have to be together in the group to the Eiffel Tower! That will be so cool.” “I know! But I think we’ll be together.” “So, tell me more about Jade.” “Well, she’s really sweet and cute. She’s really funny!” I say, laughing softly. “Good.” At the end of the lesson I talk with Caro. I always do that at the end of the lesson. She’s like one of my best friends or something. I talk about the trip with Louis and Caro. The lessons after are very boring.

When school ends Louis and I walk home again. “Are you eating with us today again?” Louis asks, looking at me. “I want to but I don’t want to bother your mum.” “I think she’ll love it! Wait I’ll call her right now.” He grabs his mobile and calls his mum. “Hey mum!” “Hey Lou!” “Is it ok if Nessa is eating with us again? She’s afraid that she bothers you.” “I’d love it! She’s so lovely and helpful!” “Okay thanks mum! We’re going to get ice cream then!” Louis laughs, making Jay laugh as well. “Yes! See you in a few minutes!” “Bye mum!” “Bye Louis!” He ends the call and smiles at me. “She would love it!” “Really?” “Yes, of course!” “Okay, so we’re going to get ice cream right now.” “Hell yeah.” Louis says and together we walk to the shops. We buy ice cream and go to Louis’s house. “Hey Jay.” I say when Louis and I walk in. “Hey sweetheart. How are you?” Jay asks me, smiling. “I’m great, thank you. How are you?” “I’m great as well. Thanks hun!” “We’ll pick up the girls from school again today.” I say and Jay smiles. “Aww, thanks love. I have a surprise at the end of the day!” “Really?” Louis asks excitedly. “Yes.” “Yay!” Jay and I both laugh. “Ok, come on Louis. We have to pick up the girls.” I say, pulling Louis with me. “Ok, ok! I’m coming.” Louis says, laughing. Jay watches us leave with a big smile on her face. She starts thinking. “She will be a great girlfriend for Louis. She’s so lovely and helpful! And she loves to pick up the girls from school! She’s so sweet. But that‘s not my decision.”

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