The City of Love || L.T.

Vanessa is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother. She has a best friend called Jade and spends a lot of time with her. They've known each other their whole life and have always been together.

On one day a there's a new boy in their class. His name is Louis and Louis and Vanessa become great friends. Besides the arrival of Louis, Vanessa has something else to think about. They're going on a trip to Paris! She's super excited and so is the whole class. But isn't Paris the city of love?


10. The Eiffel Tower

“Wake up, Ness!” I hear Jade say and open my eyes. “I’m up!” I say and smile at Jade. “Great! Take a shower and put on your new outfit, we’re going to the Eiffel Tower!” she says excitedly and smiles wide. I get out of bed and take the clothes with me to the bathroom. I take a shower and get dressed when I’m done. I brush my hair and put some mascara on. I leave the bathroom and Jade looks at me. “It looks too cute on you.” she says and I smile at her. “You look pretty amazing yourself.” I say and Jade smiles. We take our room key and go downstairs. We sit down at the same places we sat yesterday and breakfast is served. “We’ll be going to the Eiffel Tower soon after breakfast. Shall we go shopping with the girls afterwards?” Louise asks me, smiling. “Sounds like plan.” I say and smile as well, taking a bite of my croissant. “I’ve seen a cute outfit which matches your nail polish, it’s gorgeous.” “That means we need to go to loads of shops then.” I say and Louise nods, giggling softly. We finish breakfast and Jade and I go upstairs. Jade and I put on our lipstick and laugh softly. “Are you ready for a day full of girly shopping?” Jade asks me and I smile. “Totally ready.” I say and Jade smiles. We get our bags and walk downstairs. We sit down in the lobby and wait for everyone.

“Alright, get up every one! It’s time to go.” Caro says and everyone gets up. Caro and Agathe walk in front of us and we follow them to the Eiffel Tower. We see a lot of cute shops on our way and decide on which one to go first. When we arrive we sit down at a café and the first group goes to the Eiffel Tower. “What kind of outfit did you see?” I ask Louise, smiling. “It was a gorgeous blue dress with detailing and I also saw wedges that would go perfect with the dress.” Louise says and Jesy joins us. “We should look for outfits for each other, that would be so much fun.” she says and Louise and I nod. “I love looking for outfits for someone else.” Louise says and smiles. “I just love browsing through shops and finding all types of outfits.” I say and Jesy nods. “I think that’s the best part about shopping, you never know what you purchase at the beginning of the day.” Jesy says and smiles. “I just love spending money on cute clothes.” Lisa says and laughs softly. “Vanessa, Jade, Louis, Brian and Andy, you’re next!”

“What do you think of the view?” Louis asks me when he stands next to me. “It’s absolutely gorgeous.” I say and look down from the Eiffel Tower. “Everything just looks so peaceful, like I’m in a dream.” I say and Louis chuckles softly. “That’s so cute.” he says and I blush lightly. I rest my head against Louis’s shoulder and sigh softly. “I wish I could stay here forever.” I say and Louis smiles, wrapping an arm around me. “Well, you can actually.” Louis says and I giggle. “But then I would miss Jade too much.” I say and Louis looks at me. “What about me?” “You’re going with me, of course.” I say and Louis chuckles. “I knew that.” Louis says, wrapping me in his arms. “Yeah, right.” I say, mumbling against his chest. We stay like this for a couple of minutes, admiring the view. “Are you ready to go back to the world of crazy girls who only think about shopping?” Louis asks and I laugh softly. “Don’t judge my people.” I say and Louis starts laughing as we head back to the others. The last group has just gone to the Eiffel Tower so we just need to wait for them. Jade and I both order an ice tea and Romy and Abby join us. “Are you excited?” Romy asks me and smiles. “Super excited! I really want to know what you’ve seen.” I say and smile as well. “It was really cute!” Abby says and smiles. When Jade and I finish our drinks Louise, Jesy, Tommy and James join us. We have lunch and after it all the girls stand up. “We’ll see you later!” Natalie says and we all walk toward the shops. “Here it is!” Romy says as we reach a cute looking clothing shop. We get inside and Romy walks to an aisle. “Go to the fitting rooms! I’ll pick the pieces of the outfit.” Romy says and I nod, making my way to the fitting rooms. I see everyone looking through the shop and picking out clothing. I laugh softly and shake my head. I like that every girl in our class is obsessed with fashion. A few minutes later Romy walks over to me and gives me a few pieces of clothing. I take them and go into one of the fitting rooms. I put on the white jeans and also put on the top. It’s a black top and it reads: ‘I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck.’ I smile and open the door. Romy looks up and smiles at me. “I told you so! You should try the other top too.” she says and I nod, closing the door again. I take the black top of and put the other top on. It’s a grey top with a peter pan collar. I open the door again and Romy is joined by Abby. “You look so cute!” she says and smiles wide. I laugh softly and smile. “Shall I just buy everything?” I ask and the girls nod. “Definitely.” Abby says and I smile, closing the door again. I change back into my own clothes and get the clothes I tried on. I walk out of the fitting room and to the cash register. I pay for the clothes and see Jade. I walk over to her and she smiles at me. “Can you help me?” she asks and I nod. “Of course. What’s up?” “I can’t choose.” Jade says when she holds up two tops. “I’d pick the right one.” I say and Jade nods. “It does look better than the other one.” she says and smiles, walking to the fitting rooms.

“Come on!” Louise says as she pulls me with her to her shop after half an hour. “I’m coming!” I say, laughing softly. Together we walk to the shop where Louise saw the dress and when we arrive there isn’t anyone in the shop. “Such a difference.” I say and Louise nods quickly. “This is the dress.” Louise says as she holds up a beautiful light blue dress. “It’s gorgeous!” I say and Louise smiles, pulling me with her to the fitting rooms. “Try it on!” she says and I giggle softly. I take the dress from her and go into one of the fitting rooms. I put it on and open the door. “What do you think?” I ask Louise as she looks up. “It looks amazing on you.” Louise says and smiles at me. “Really? Don’t you think it’s a bit too short?” I ask and look at the dress. “Not at all.” Louise says and I smile, going back into the fitting room. “Shall we gather the other girls and go back to the hotel?” I ask as I put on my own clothes again. “That’s a great idea! Are you almost done?” Louise asks and I get the dress, opening the door. “Done!” I say and Louise smiles. I pay for the dress and together we go back to the others. With the girls we walk to the hotel where the boys, Caro and Agathe are waiting for us. “Did you have fun shopping?” Caro asks us when we come in and we all laugh. “Sorry we’re late.” Sabrina says and smiles. “It’s alright, you can all go to the dining room now.” she says and we all go to our tables. “Were you girls late because you were shopping?” Peter asks and Louise and I giggle softly. “Maybe.” I say and Peter shakes his head. “You girls are awful.” he says and we all laugh. “Tomorrow is our day off, right?” John asks and Louise and I nod. “More shopping time for you.” Peter says and chuckles softly. “What are you going to do?” Louise asks Peter and John. “We don’t know yet, but we’re not going shopping!” John says and Louise and I giggle.

“Shall we go upstairs and Skype the girls?” Louis asks me and I nod, smiling. We go to Louis’s room and he gets his laptop. “Shall we go to your room?” Louis asks me and I smile. “Sure.” I say and Louis and I walk to my room. We sit down on the bed and Louis opens his laptop. He gets on Skype and calls Lottie. Lottie answers and smiles wide. “Bonjour!” she says happily and Louis and I smile. “Hello!” I say and Lottie calls the other girls. Everyone gathers in front of the camera and wave at us. “How is Paris?” Jay asks and Louis smiles. “It’s absolutely gorgeous. The weather is nice and we’re having so much fun.” I say and Louis chuckles. “In other words the girls went shopping.” Louis says and we all laugh. “I would’ve done the same if I were you.” Lottie says and Fizzy nods quickly. “Can you show us the room?” Phoebe asks and Louis stands up, taking his laptop. He walks around the room and I laugh softly at him. “And here we have the beds, Vanessa wasn’t there when we arrived.” he says and I giggle softly. He sits back down on the bed and places the laptop in front of us. Jay says she needs to do the dishes and leaves. “I’ll be right back!” I say and hop off the bed, going to the bathroom.

Louis’s POV

“I’ll be right back!” Vanessa says and hops off the bed, going to the bathroom. I smile and I hear the girls giggle. “You like Nessa.” Daisy whispers and giggles. “I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow.” I say and the girls smile wide. “Really?” Fizzy asks, smiling wide. “Yep.” I say and smile brightly. “How are you going to ask her?” Lottie asks and I start whispering. “I bought a necklace with a bracelet a few days ago and I’ll look for some flowers when I’m there.” I say and Lottie smiles. “You’re going to ask her at the Eiffel Tower?” she asks and I nod. “That’s so cute!” Daisy and Phoebe say at the same time and giggle. I hear the door open and put my finger against my lips.

End of Louis’s POV

I open the door and walk back to Louis. He smiles at me and I smile back at him. I sit down again and smile at the girls. “Are you girls enjoying your time without Louis?” I ask and Louis gasps. “Totally! We’re having the best time ever.” Lottie says and winks playfully. I laugh when Louis pouts at the girls and me. I look at him and giggle softly. “I’m just messing with you.” I say and Louis chuckles. I smile when Louis wraps an arm around me. “Oh, I forgot to tell you! Louis and I are staying in Paris so we’re not coming back.” I say and the girls giggle. “You wish.” Phoebe says and I nod. “I’m getting tired. Shall we Skype you again tomorrow?” I ask and the girls nod. “Goodnight!” “Night girls.” I say and Louis closes his laptop. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Louis says when I pull the covers over me. “See you tomorrow.” I say when Louis smiles and gives me a kiss on my forehead. I smile and Louis turns the light off, leaving the room.

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