The City of Love || L.T.

Vanessa is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother. She has a best friend called Jade and spends a lot of time with her. They've known each other their whole life and have always been together.

On one day a there's a new boy in their class. His name is Louis and Louis and Vanessa become great friends. Besides the arrival of Louis, Vanessa has something else to think about. They're going on a trip to Paris! She's super excited and so is the whole class. But isn't Paris the city of love?


11. Surprise, Surprise

I wake up curled up in bed and open my eyes. I yawn softly and smile. J’aime Paris. I swing my legs off the bed and get up. Time to make the best out of this trip. I walk over to the curtains and open them, letting the sun shine into the room. I smile and look at Jade. I start laughing softly when I see she’s spread out across the bed. I tiptoe over to her bed and sit down. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.” I say and Jade shifts a little in bed. “I’m serious!” I say and Jade opens her eyes. “Doing the Disney thing again, are you Belle?” she asks, smiling at me while pulling the covers up. “Oh, yes I am.” I say and we both giggle. I get up from Jade’s bed and walk over to the closet. I pick out the blue dress I bought yesterday with Louise, throwing it on Jade’s bed. I look down at my shoes and go for the flats. I grab everything and go to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and get dressed afterwards. I get a brush and brush through my hair. I get an elastic band and put it around my wrist. I gather my hair together and wrap the elastic band around it. I pull a few pieces out of the ponytail and let them hang loosely next to my face. I check the mirror one last time and get out of the bathroom. “You look adorable.” Jade says and smiles widely. “I do?” I ask and spin around. Jade giggles softly and I smile at her. “Absolutely.” she says and slips into the bathroom. I smile to myself and get my phone. I decide to call Harry and dial his number. “Hello?” he answers when he picks up. I laugh softly and smile. “Hi Harry, it’s Vanessa.” “Oh my God. I totally forgot to tell you about my date!” Harry says and sighs loudly. I laugh softly and sit down on the bed. “It’s fine! That’s why I called you. Tell me all about it!” I say and Harry chuckles. “Alright, here it goes. We both arrived at the restaurant at seven. Rachel was looking absolutely gorgeous and I took her inside. We had dinner and talked about ourselves, you know, to get to know each other a little better. We ended up staying pretty late so we got sent home. I brought her home of course and that’s pretty much it.” Harry tells me and I laugh softly. “Really? Is that everything?” I ask him and he chuckles. “We’re going on another date this Saturday.” Harry says and I giggle. “Thought so.” I say and Jade walks out of the bathroom. ‘You ready?’ she mouths at me and I nod, getting up from the bed. “I’m really sorry but I need to go. I’m glad the date went well!” “No worries, have fun!” Harry says before hanging up. I smile at Jade and she smiles back at me. We both get downstairs and sit down at our tables. “The dress looks so good on you.” Louise says as I approach the table. I smile and spin around. “Why thank you.”

“Shall we ask the boys to come with us?” Jade asks when Louise walks over to us. “Sure.” I say and Louise looks at us. “The boys?” she asks and Jade smirks slightly. “Brian, Andy and of course Louis.” she says and Louise giggles softly. “They have to come with us.” Louise says and Jade nods quickly. “Then ask them!” I say and roll my eyes. Louise and Jade stand up quickly and leave me behind. I sear, they’ve gone out of their minds. After a few minutes they walk back over to me and smile, pulling me up. “You two are the worst.” I say and Jade laughs softly. “Just shut up and enjoy today, alright?” Jade asks and I nod, rolling my eyes once again. Together we wait for the guys and leave the hotel when they arrive. “What should we do?” I ask everyone and they all look at me. I hope they did not think I had everything planned. “I saw a cute little shop yesterday, we could check it out?” Louise asks and we all nod, following her. I’m walking next to Louise when Louis pulls Jade with him. Jade laughs and they start whispering to each other. Louise and I look at each other and shrug, arriving at the shop. Louise, Brian, Andy, Jade and I walk inside and I raise an eyebrow at Jade. “Louis went to buy something for the girls, he’ll be back soon.” Jade says and smiles at me. I nod and smile back at her, walking around the store. “Why did we agree on going with you girls?” Andy asks us and we all laugh. “Because without us you wouldn’t be having such a good time.” Louise says and smiles innocently. “Oh, we are having such a good time.” Brian says and laughs softly. “Oh come on Brian. You know you love looking at bracelets and necklaces.” I say and Brian sticks his tongue out at me. I laugh softly and Louise and I walk over to the bracelets.

After being in the shop for about half an hour we decide to leave. “Where is Louis?” I ask Jade and she shrugs. “I have no idea, let’s just walk around and we’ll see if we find him.” Jade says and I nod, linking my arm with hers. “It’s Wednesday already. The time is going so fast.” I say and Jade nods, sighing softly. “We’ll come back! I’m sure of it.” she says and I nod, smiling at her. We walk past some cute cafés and I smile, looking around. When we reach the Eiffel Tower everyone suddenly stops walking. “Why are we stopping?” I ask them, looking at Jade. “Look.” she says and pulls me in front of the group. I frown slightly and look straight ahead. I scan the scenery and then I see Louis, standing near a table set with flowers. I look back at Jade and she smiles at me, pushing me forward. I laugh softly and start walking over to Louis. When I reach the table I smile at him. “Surprise, surprise.” Louis says and I laugh softly. “Lou, what is this?” I ask him and he chuckles. “Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this.” Louis says and I raise an eyebrow. “I don’t think I was.” I say and Louis smiles at me. “Louis, I’m serious I—” At that moment Louis interrupts me, not by talking, but by giving me an unexpected kiss. I kiss him back softly before pulling away. “I’m sorry. It’s just that… I don’t even know. I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.” Louis says and his cheeks start getting rosy. I giggle softly and smile at him. “I like you too and I would love to be your girlfriend.” I say and Louis starts smiling bright? “Really?” he asks me and I laugh softly. “Of course.” I say and Louis gets something out of his bag. “I almost forgot.” he says and gets out two little boxes. “What is it?” I ask him and he opens one of the boxes. “I bought you something.” Louis says and I shake my head, closing the lid. “I don’t need anything else.” I start and Louis looks up at me. “I’m in Paris, having the best time and the boy I’ve been crushing on just asked me to be his girlfriend. I’ve got everything I need right here.” I say and Louis puts the boxes down, wrapping his arms around my waist before spinning me around. “Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more amazing you say this.” he says when he puts me down again. I giggle softly and smile at him. “I really was your crush?” Louis asks me and I nod slowly, giggling nervously. “I know it’s weird and all since we’ve only met but I can’t help it. You’re just so…” I say and Louis smiles at me. “Special, amazing, wonderful, handsome.” he says and we both start laughing. “Whatever you wish.” I say and Louis chuckles. “You’re special.” Louis says and I smile at him. “Thank you.” I say and Louis smiles, pulling me in his arms. “You should look at the others.” Louis whispers softly and I turn around. Jade and Louise are cheering and jumping up and down while Brian and Andy are clapping. I laugh softly and sigh. “We’ve got some weird friends.” I say and Louis chuckles softly. “They’re just as weird as us, Ness.” Louis says and I smile at him. “Shall we join them?” I ask Louis, turning back to him. “Yes, but first…” he says and pulls me close, kissing me softly. I giggle softly against his lips before kissing him back. A few seconds later we both pull away and Louis smiles. “Now we join them.” he says and chuckles. Louis grabs his bag and puts the boxes back in it before grabbing my hand. Together we walk back to the other and Jade and Louise run over to me, wrapping me in their arms. “Girls.” the boys say at the same time, making us laugh.

We arrive at the hotel after spending the afternoon in town and we are starving. We walk straight to the dining room and sit down at our table. “Nessa, turns out Jade knew about it already.” Louise says and I look at her. “Really? That’s why they were whispering.” I say and Louise nods, laughing softly. “Finally, I thought you two were going to wait till you left school.” Peter says and Louise and I both start laughing. “Who’s waiting for what?” John asks when he joins us and Peter looks at him. “Have you been living under a rock today? Nessa and Louise are together!” Peter says and Louise and I giggle softly. Our dinner arrives and we talk about what we’ve done today. “Ready to see the girls?” Louis asks me and chuckles softly. I nod and get up, walking to my room. I wait for Louis to come and smile when he shows me his laptop. We both get in and sit down on the bed. Louis opens Skype and calls Lottie. After a few seconds Lottie answers and waves at us. We wave back and smile “Where are the others?” Louis asks and I smile at him. “They’re coming upstairs right now.” Lottie says and I can hear faint footsteps coming from the laptop. I laugh softly as the other girls stand in front of the laptop. “Has Louis asked you yet?” Phoebe suddenly asks and I raise an eyebrow. “Asked me what, sweetie?” I ask her and smirk slightly, looking at Louis. Phoebe giggles and shakes her head quickly. “Nothing!” she says and Louis and I laugh softly. “I’m just kidding sweetie. He did ask me.” I say and the girls all cheer. I giggle and rest my head on Louis’s shoulder. “We’ll celebrate when you’re back here, right?” Fizzy asks and I smile at her. “Of course, sweetie.” I say and smile. “Did he ask you under the Eiffel Tower?” Daisy asks and I nod, laughing softly. “He told you all of this, didn’t he?” I ask the girls and they all nod, giggling. Louis smiles at me and wraps an arm around me. “Have you girls done anything exciting yet now Louis is out of the house?” I ask the girls, snuggling close to Louis. “Yes! We’re having the best time.” Lottie says and Louis gasps. I laugh softly and smile. “Thought so.” I say and Louis talks to the girls. I smile and watch them. I’m probably the luckiest girl alive. I’ve got an amazing boyfriend and the girls and I are really close. I think about everything for a while and soon my eyes are closed.

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