The City of Love || L.T.

Vanessa is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother. She has a best friend called Jade and spends a lot of time with her. They've known each other their whole life and have always been together.

On one day a there's a new boy in their class. His name is Louis and Louis and Vanessa become great friends. Besides the arrival of Louis, Vanessa has something else to think about. They're going on a trip to Paris! She's super excited and so is the whole class. But isn't Paris the city of love?


6. A Day with The Boys

When I wake up I’ve got five tweets. The tweets are from the boys.

Louis: My best friend @Nessa_xx is coming today to meet the boys! They will love her! I’m sure about that! ;)

Harry: Gonna meet @Louis_Tomlinson’s best friend today! He said that she’s very lovely but talks a lot xD Looking forward to it @Nessa_xx :) .x

Niall: Meeting @Louis_Tomlinson’s best friend @Nessa_xx todayy! I’m looking forward t it! I hope she likes food as much as I do! Haha ;) x

Liam: Gonna meet the lovely @Nessa_xx today! She’s @Louis_Tomlinson’s best friend! See you soon! :)xx

Zayn: Going to meet @Nessa_xx later! @Louis_Tomlinson’s best friend! Looking forward to it!

I reply to their tweets and take a shower. When I get out of the shower I look for some clothes. I pick out a blue top and shorts and put them on. I go downstairs and make myself some breakfast. When it’s almost eleven o’clock I brush my teeth and put my flip flops on. I walk over to Louis’s house and knock on the door. Liam opens the door. “Hi!” he says and smiles. “Hello! You’re Liam, right?” I ask and smile back. “I am! And you must be Nessa.” I nod and he gives me a hug. “Come in!” he says and steps aside. I smile and walk to the living room. Everyone is in there. “Hi guys!” I say and Louis gets up. “Hey Ness.” Louis says and hugs me. “Well guys, this is Vanessa.” Louis says and they all give me a hug. “So, you’re Louis’s new best friend?” Harry says and chuckles. “I am!” I say, smiling. “I heard that you’ve met in class.” Zayn says. “We did! He was new and my other best friend was ill so he sat next to me.” “How nice! Has Louis told you what we’re going to do?” Niall asks. I shake my head, looking questioning. “Oh right, we have a gig this afternoon in the mall. Would you like to come?” “I’d love to!” “Great! Let’s go.” Louis says as we all walk outside. We walk to the mall and the boys get ready. I move up to the front of the stage and see Lottie. “Hi Lottie!” I say and smile. “Hey Nessa!” Lottie says and smiles back. “I thought you were with friends?” “I am! They wanted to see the gig.” A few other girls walk over to us and smile. “This are Kate, Darcy, Sam and Fizzy of course.” Lottie says while pointing at the girls. “Hi girls. It’s nice to meet you.” I say and smile. “It’s nice to meet you too!” Darcy says, smiling. “We’ve already heard a lot about you!” Kate says and laughs softly. “That’s true. Lottie and Fizzy can’t shut up about you!” Sam says, making Lottie and Fizzy giggle. I laugh softly and hug them both. “We’ve also heard that you make great ice cream.” Kate says and smiles innocently. “I already know where this is going.” I say and they all laugh. “You can come tomorrow? We can hang by the pool and I’ll make some ice cream.” They all nod quickly and smile wide. “Deal!” Lottie says as the gig begins. We enjoy the music and the girls sing with the boys. I feel a little embarrassed because I don’t know the lyrics yet. But we do have a lot of fun! At the end of the concert Lottie says that she’s going to go to one of her friends’ house. “Bye girls!’ I say and hug the girls. “See you tomorrow!” Fizzy says as they leave. The boys walk over to me and smile. “So, did you like it?” Louis asks me with a smile. “I loved it! You guys are amazing!” “Thanks hun!” Zayn says and smiles. “Let’s go back to Louis’s place?” Liam suggests and everyone agrees. When we get back we realize that there aren’t any snacks or anything. “I’ll get some snacks and soda!” I say and grab my bag. “Then I’ll go with you!” Niall says and everyone laughs. I jump on Niall’s back and say bye before we leave the house.

Louis’s POV

I have to do something before she’ll start to like Niall. I want her to be mine but I don’t know if I should ask her. She jumps on Niall’s back and shouts bye before the door closes. “Maybe they are a better couple.” I say, a little bit too loud because Harry turns around and looks at me. “How can you say that? It’s pretty obvious that she likes you.” he says and smiles. “Do you think so?” I ask him. “Of course Lou! They may both be crazy about food, but they’re not crazy about each other.” “Harry’s right, you have to make a move!” Zayn says and I look down at my feet. “It’s simple Lou. You and Nessa are made for each other, and isn’t Paris the city of love?” Liam asks and winks at me. “Do you guys really think she likes me?” I ask one last time. All the boys nod quickly. “Fine, I’ll ask her in Paris but I want to make it special.” “There we go!” Liam says and we all laugh. We get blankets and lay them down on the couches.

End of Louis’s POV

I laugh as Niall runs to the mall. We arrive and walk to the supermarket. We look for some snacks and soda and when we’ve found everything I pay for the stuff. When we’re heading back I jump on Niall’s back again. “Nessa?” Niall asks. “Yes?” I reply. “Do you like Lou?” My cheeks turn bright pink immediately. “Ehhm…” I say, not knowing what to tell him. “You do!” he says and almost squeals. “Maybe!” I say and giggle softly. “Nessa and Lou, sounds good to me!” I laugh softly and blush even more. “You two would be the cutest couple!” he says and I nudge him softly. He starts whispering. “New hot couple, Louis and Vanessa.” Niall says, chuckling. “Niall!” “Sorry!” We both laugh and arrive at Louis’s house. Harry opens the door for us and we get in, walking to the living room. We put everything we bought on the table and Niall walks over to me, whispering softly. “Make him fall in love with you. Paris is the city of love they say.” He winks and I laugh softly. Louis sees the wink and walks upstairs. Niall and I get glasses and fill them with soda. “Where’s Lou?” I ask, looking around. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s in his room?” Zayn says. I go up to his room and knock on the door. “Lou?” When he doesn’t answer I knock again. Still no answer. I open the door and walk in. Louis is laying on his bed. I walk over to his bed and run my fingers through his hair. “What’s wrong Lou?” He mumbles something I can’t hear. “Lou?” “I’m just not feeling well babe." I keep running my fingers through his hair and I can tell that he likes it because he’s smiling. “Shall I make some soup for you?” I ask him. “You don’t have to. I don’t want to ruin your fun with the boys.” “Lou, without you there is no fun! You’re sure you don’t want to join us?” I ask him and he smiles at me. “Fine, I’ll go.” I giggle softly and we both go downstairs. I look at the table and see that there’s already two bags of crisps empty. “Movie time!” Liam says before I can say anything. I sit down next to Niall and Zayn. During the film Niall and I eat a lot and we whisper things to each other. “Can you guys be quiet?” Liam asks. “Sorry Liam! Nessa and I were talking about Paris.” “Just be quiet!” Liam says and sticks his tongue out to Niall. We both laugh and we hear the door open. I go to the hallway and see that it’s Lottie and Fizzy. “Where’s mum?” Lottie asks. “She’s upstairs, Phoebe and Daisy have already gone to bed.” I say and smile. The girls smile back at me and also go upstairs. I go back to the boys and focus on the film again. When the film has finished we talk a little and eventually fall asleep.

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