Out In The Crowd

A story on a broken-hearted girl name Keira and there is only one person who can mend her heart. That is Luke Hemmings out of 5SOS. She has been dumped, trampled on, torn to pieces and just plain hurt. It's amazing how one person can fix all of that. She goes to their concert to listen to his voice, but then something amazing happens..


2. Tweeting and Facebooking

I woke up to my alarm. I turned it off and tumbled out of bed. I had a warm shower and then got dressed. I went down stairs and said good morning to my parents and then went on my twitter.

I had 5 new followers and 2 unfollowers. I had all of 5SOS following me .. that was unbelievable! I was head over heels in love with Luke. He's the only one who makes me feel happy, beautiful and awesome. I always asked him stuff on Ask.fm... like "How are you today, Lukey?" and he's reply with something like "I'm good , how about you beautiful?" and i would faint! We had a few laughs, but he would never remember me. I just know he wouldn't. Anyway, I was going through my tweets and I seen that Luke was on. I tweeted to him "Hey Lukey Bear, I'm coming to your concert tonight!" and he tweeted back "Really? WooHoo! I might see you there! ;)" I nearly died. 

I went on my Facebook. I had 3 messages and 14 notifications. The messages were just from my friends. The notifications were people tagging me in statuses and posting on my wall.  I was taking selfies for a bit and then i checked the time and it said that it was nearly 1:00pm... I had to leave at 3pm to go to the concert. I had set my alarm for 12:00pm. 

I was taking my friend with me. Her name was Danielle. We've known each other since we were 11. We are best friends, we do EVERYTHING together. We get our hair done together, shop together, cry together, play soccer together, dance and we do other crazy stuff too. 

I messaged my friend Danielle saying "I'll pick you up at 3:15" and she replied "Okay. I'M SO KEEN!" I was too, seeing the hottest guy on the planet perform in front of me. We got first row seats... YAY! I went back on tweeted "My Number - 0420575446" I don't know why I did... I guess I was bored. 

 I started getting ready. I wore my black 5SOS top with blue jeans and black boots. I curled my hair and did my make-up. I felt ... pretty. Then I get a text from my ex-boyfriend. 

Alex: Heard you're going to concert tonight?


Me: Yeah what of it? 


Alex: Going to see that gay band? They are so pathetic and so are you. Why do you love them? They'll never love you back?


Me: Why are you breathing? You're gonna die anyway. You think you're so tough calling a girl pathetic... A girl who has been heart-broken and torn apart, but no you don't care do you? 


 Alex: No I don't..


Me: Don't talk to me you heartless asshole! 


Alex: Fine!


I didn't bother to text back. He was such an asshole! I hated him, he broke my heart 3 months ago. He cheated on me with some hoe and i beat the shit out of her and he hates me for that. Yeah a real nice boyfriend. He makes me so angry. Anyway, gotta go pick up Danielle. It's 3pm now...


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