Out In The Crowd

A story on a broken-hearted girl name Keira and there is only one person who can mend her heart. That is Luke Hemmings out of 5SOS. She has been dumped, trampled on, torn to pieces and just plain hurt. It's amazing how one person can fix all of that. She goes to their concert to listen to his voice, but then something amazing happens..


3. Heading For The Concert

I picked up Danielle and we started heading for Sydney. We lived on The Central Coast, so it was gonna take us about and hour and a half to get to Sydney. We would get there at 4:45 maybe. I put 5SOS's CD in and I played Heartbreak Girl.

Me: Are you excited?

Danielle: Are you kidding me? I'm pumped!

Me: Same! #Hearbreak Girl!

Danielle: Keira why aren't you a singer?

Me: I don't know, I'm a bit shy.

Danielle: Don't be shy! You have an amazing voice and it needs to be shown soon!

Me: Thanks. *giggle*

We listened to other songs of theirs and we were doing the car dance. 

~hour and a half later~

We arrived in Sydney and all we had to do now was drive to Allphones Arena. We parked in the car park and got out. I fixed my hair up and fixed my make up. So did Danielle. We started walking to the doors of the arena and i got the tickets out. I paid the man and we went in and walked to the first row. There were already about 1000 people there. I got my phone out ready to take pics.. I took a picture of me and Danielle. I uploaded it on facebook with a status 'Whoo! We're here and ready to PARTAY!'. I put it up on Twitter 'Yay! We're here! @5SOS'. 

Danielle: Oh My God! I can't believe we are here!

Me: Haha! Believe it honey! 

~twenty minutes later~

Everyone was in now! The lights went down and we couldn't see a thing! Then we heard someone start drumming!

Me: There's Ashton! 

Then we heard the bass.

Danielle: There's my baby!

Then we heard the guitars! I nearly fainted, knowing that he was in front of me right now was bloody AMAZING! Then they started playing a mad beat. It wasn't even a song and I was dancing. The song started forming. They were playing Heartbreak Girl! This is the best! 

They finished the song and then they started talking.

Luke: Hello Sydney! Oh It's good to be back home! 

Michael: How we all doin tonight?

Crowd: *Screams*

Ashton: *mocking screams* My God... you guys are awesome! 

Calum: Look at all you sexy beasts! Damn... I'd date all of you! *looks at first row*

He looked at Danielle and winked. Danielle nearly fainted. But instead she smiled. Calum was looking at her for a bit, he smiled back and then listened to what Luke was saying.

Luke: Who knows Good Girls Are Bad Girls? 

Crowd: *Screams*

Calum: Think that's everybody! *laughs*

They started playing that song, and oh my god Luke's voice is heavenly! He mends my heart back together! He is SO amazing! 

Luke: #She said to me! Forget what you saw! Coz' good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught!

They played a few other songs and then we had a break. We went to the toilet and we got a drink of coke each. I took photos of them performing and I got one of Calum poking his tounge out at the camera! Then he grabbed my phone and took a selfie with the crowd, he made sure he got us in it. Me and Danielle smiled. Then he went over and said something to Luke and pointed at us. Luke looked at me and smiled and it looked like he said 'Yep'. LUKE LOOKED AT ME! ERMAHGERD! That was outrageous! 

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