Out In The Crowd

A story on a broken-hearted girl name Keira and there is only one person who can mend her heart. That is Luke Hemmings out of 5SOS. She has been dumped, trampled on, torn to pieces and just plain hurt. It's amazing how one person can fix all of that. She goes to their concert to listen to his voice, but then something amazing happens..


5. Going Home With Him

So yeah we were sent backstage and we could hear them singing. Oh wow, they're voices are heavenly! But I was worrying, what happens when he leaves the country to go and do the rest of his tour? Will it be over?

They came backstage, the concert was finished. I was sitting there thinking what would happen. "Hey what's up?" Luke asked. "Oh Nothing" I answered. "No. It Isn't nothing. What's up babe?" He said. I couldn't resist him calling me babe. "Um.. What happens when you leave?" I asked. He looked at me, then looked at Calum and smiled. "I knew you would ask this, so I planned to have an extra two everywhere we go" he smiled. I looked at him stunned. "Wait does that mean.. um.." I stuttered "You and Danielle are coming with us? Yes it does" he said. Oh My God. I'm travelling.. with 5 Seconds Of Summer. My boyfriend. Oh My God. I smiled and hugged him. He looked in my eyes "I really do love you Keira" he whispered. He had my jaw cupped in his hands. I smiled and went to say something, but it was to late. He was kissing me. "I love you too Luke" I whispered back. 

We walked out to the tour bus and we got in. "Oh! My clothes are in my bag.. in the car." I bit my lip. "Me and Danielle will go get them." Calum said. I smiled and Danielle and him walked out. "I'm hungry!" Ashton shouted from the back of the bus. "Get something to eat then!" I shouted back. All you could was laughter. Then Ashton's head popped out from the door "Can you make me something Keira?" he asked. I looked at him and shook my head. "I didn't come on tour with you to be your slave" I said. "Then why are you here?" Ashton asked. "To be with Luke" I looked at Luke. He kissed me on my forehead. "Not to be with all of us?" Michael asked. "Yeah you, Calum and Luke" I answered. "What about me?" Ash shrieked. "You suck" I poked my tongue out and laughed. "Just kidding, I love all of you" I blew a kiss. 

Danielle and Calum came back and I rang my mum to tell her everything. "Hello?" my mum answered. "Hey mum" I said. "Hey Darlin, How was the concert?" she asked. "Amazing. I'm going on tour with them." I said. "What?" she asked. "Are you serious?" she asked. "Yes! Isn't it amazing?" I said. "Amazing? That's fantastic Keira! Wait.. you and Luke?" She said. "Me and Luke" I said and smiled to myself. "Oh Wow. So when will I see you next?" she asked. "Um.. A few months".

My mum accepted everything and I continued to be on their tour. 


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