Out In The Crowd

A story on a broken-hearted girl name Keira and there is only one person who can mend her heart. That is Luke Hemmings out of 5SOS. She has been dumped, trampled on, torn to pieces and just plain hurt. It's amazing how one person can fix all of that. She goes to their concert to listen to his voice, but then something amazing happens..


4. A Moment To Treasure

We came back in for the second half. Me and Danielle both had our cokes in our hands and we were drinking. I still couldn't believe that he smiled at me. And Danielle couldn't believe  Calum winked at her. She was head over heels in love with him.She'd run the earth a million times just to be with him! 

I have to admit that Calum was pretty hot, but Luke was hotter. But If I ever said to Danielle 'Calum's hot' she'd hit me with all her strength screaming 'CALUM'S MINE! CALUM'S MINE!'. So I try not to say that around her (haha). They started talking again.

Luke: Okay now we're going to sing... Voodoo Doll.

Calum: I love this song. 

They started playing the song and me and Danielle were dancing together. I was looking at Luke and smiling, he looked down a few times at us and smiled. WOW! I love this song too Calum. I smiled back and Luke. I started singing the songs and kept dancing. 

Luke: Okay now. We are going to play a song. But I need to do something first.

Calum: *smiles* Yeah it's very important too.

Luke: I'm gonna ring the girl of my dreams! I love her so much! She's in this crowd tonight and I kno exactly where she is. So everyone be quiet please. 

I felt really upset. Because he had a girl of his dreams, and it wasn't me... that sucked. Then suddenly, my phone started ringing.

Danielle looked at me saying 'WTF?'. I answered and then he looked at me.

Luke: I love you.

I just looked at him stunned. I didn't know what to believe!

Luke: You don't have to say anything, just as long as you know i love you.

Me: I love you too!

Luke: *smiled* Now get up here! 

Calum: Aw!

I hung up and he pulled me up on stage. He touched me... Luke Hemmings touched me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. His guitar was in between us. He looked into my eyes and then softly placed his lips on mine. 

Crowd: Awww. 

Me: Did you just kiss me?

Luke: Yep. *smile*

Calum: How about we get her friend up here too?

Danielle just stood there shocked, Calum pulled her up and hugged her. Danielle was speechless.

She went to say something but..

Calum: *puts finger on Dan's lips* Shhh.. Don't say anything.

He kissed her and she was like 'ermahgerd man!' 

Luke: Thank God I got that over with! Now a special song for a special girl. Wherever You Are. 

This was absolutely amazing. I made this my moment to shine and started singing.

Me: #Torn in two. And I know i shouldn't tell you. But I just can't stop thinking of you. Wherever you are. You. Wherever you are.

Luke: *smiling* #Every night I almost call you.

Calum: he just did! haha

Luke:#Just to say it will always be you. Wherever you are.

We finished that song and they sent us backstage. They came in after us. I was facing the same direction as Luke. I was talking to Danielle and then I felt hands come from behind me and hug me. I turned around and I saw Luke. He kissed me on my head and then looked at me and smiled and kissed my lips. Woah! 

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