The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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5. Chapter 4.

"Thanks again for tonight, Ed. I had fun." I smile at him as he stops the car in front of my apartment.

"We should do this again." He says, sounding more of a question rather than a statement.

"Yes." I reply and open the car door, beginning to get out, but Edward grabs my arm, turning me around to face him.

"You forgot something." He smirks while leaning in. He closes his eyes and leans closer. I turn my head at the last second so he kisses my cheek.

"Goodnight." I giggle.

I make my way to the apartment and turn around on the doorstep, waving at Edward. He waves back and drives away. I step inside, locking the door behind me before letting out a sigh of relief.

Today was amazing.

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