The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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19. Chapter 18.

Anne and I patiently pace back and forth across the living area floor. Gemma is at school, studying, to avoid the rampage that is sure to follow the information that Harry is about to receive. The tension that fills the air is tight, inevitable. Anne looks more than worried, and I'm sure that I look like a mess. After all, I did stay up with Edward every night in the hospital. The noise from the monitor itself was enough to drive me up-the-wall insane, but for Edward's sake, mine, and the Styles', I suffered through the agonizing noise, mostly because it told me that he was still breathing, and that was one thing that I could always hope would stay the same, but unfortunately, it didn't.

I hear the slam of a car from the front yard, and the hurried footsteps. Anne and I both look at each other, wary, and the door opens as Harry rushes in, frantic. "Liela! Mum! Gem! Ed!" The worry is evident in Harry's voice, Anne and I both take a long breath. Harry rushes into the living area and stops when he sees us. "Oh, thank god. Wait.. where's Gem? Where's Ed?"

Anne and I both look frantically to one other. Her eyes are lit up with desperation. I nod. and take a deep breath, stepping closer to Harry, less than one foot away from him and place my hand on his shoulder. My head dips and my eyes focus on the floor. "Harry...." I begin but trail off. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. But I could understand how hard it would have been for Anne, that's her son. I slowly lift my head up to look him in the eyes, mine are red brimmed and glossy. His are... bewildered, full of alert.

"What happened?" The worry is clear in his voice and eyes. Oh, Harry, please just... please. "Where's Gemma?"

"Gemma's fine, she's at school." My voice is low, agonizing low.

"Wh- where's Edward?" his voice has become slightly high-pitched, and his voice cracks a bit.


"No! Where's Edward?" He raises his voice, practically yelling, and the cracking has vanished, replaced by fear and anger.

"He's not here, Harry." If my voice was any lower, it would be completely inaudible, yet he still somehow manages to here me.

"Where is he?!" Harry's eyes dart frantically from mine to Anne's. "Mum?" His voice has lowered slightly again.

Anne turns her head away, not able to look her son in the eye. I slide my hand down from his shoulder to his arm. "Harry..." His eyes dart back to mine, slightly glossed over. "Sit down."

"Not until someone tells me where he is."

"If we're gonna tell you, you should probably sit down." Harry reluctantly sits down on the sofa, clasping his hands together tightly in his lap, leaning forward slightly. I sit on the table in front of the sofa, my hands on either of his shoulders, and beg him to look into my eyes; my pure dull and doleful hazel eyes. "It all happened too fast, Harry. He began drinking, really drinking, and every night, Anne and Gem would make him leave. And every night, he would come to my house, begging for a place to crash. He was out of it Harry, he really was. He slept on the floor and would leave before I woke up. But one night..." I trail off, looking away from Harry's intense gaze and down to the floor, concealing my eyes from him as the tears begin to flow as I drop my arms from him and place my hands in my own lap. "One night, he came home drunk. I heard the yelling, the fighting, the screaming, the breaking, but he never came over. Harry, he.." I look back up to Harry, his eyes glossy and red brimmed. "Harry, I'm sorry."

"No, he's fine. He has to be." His voice keeps cracking with every syllable that escapes his lips, shaky and uncontained, and his eyes are becoming more and more glossy with each second.

I look away from him again, turning my head towards the right just enough so that I can barely see him in my peripheral. "No, Harry, he isn't." I pause to take a deep breath. "He wrapped his car around a tree, busted his skull completely open. They tried everything, but nothing worked."


Harry's POV

"God no! This is a dream! Tell me I'm dreaming! Tell me I'm fucking dreaming!" I shout, at no one in particular, as I angrily stand from the sofa. I just want someone, anyone, to tell me that I'm dreaming and that I'll wake up any second now, happy.

"I wish I could.." Liela's voice trails off.

"No, you're lying! You have to be!" I can feel my heart racing a mile a minute, practically beating out of my chest. As much as I know that Liela wouldn't ever lie to me, or anyone, I can't find it within me to accept that this is really happening. My eyes dart back to my mum; her head hangs low but I can see the tears that fall from her face and onto her clothes. God, no.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I'm so sorry." Liela's tears were beginning to fall more rapidly now, her voice cracking and shaky, and I can't stay a second longer. I dart back out the door and to my car. I speed out of the drive, ignoring the constant calls of my name from that beautiful girl that is my girlfriend. My mum couldn't find it in her to even breathe, much less speak. As I drive, a million and one memories play through my mind. Mostly of Edward, Liela, and myself when we were younger, when nothing like this would've even been a possibility. I grip the steering wheel in my hands as tight as possible, my knuckles turning white, and I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my entire body, like flames to a fire, igniting every spark. I push the gas pedal all the way down to the floor, my speed rapidly increasing from 60 to 120 within seconds. The higher that my speed goes, the more adrenaline that rushes through my body, encouraging me to go faster. Not once do I ease up off of the gas, and that is where my first mistake lies. My second was when I closed my eyes for a brief second to envelope in the thrill and the overwhelming surge of happiness that came with it.

And that's when everything went black.

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