The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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17. Chapter 16.

The doctors had begun to pump Edward's chest to get his heart rate and pulse to climb. It hardly worked, but we were only happy that it did. I sat propped against the hospital bed, tired, as Edward began to slowly stir. I warily watched him, hoping that he would be alright even though I knew the truth, and the truth was that Edward was not going to be alright.

"Hey, beautiful," he says, groggily.

I avoid my desperate attempt to want to tell him that he no longer has the right to call me that, but instead, I sigh. "Hey."

I close my eyes as he lifts his hand to stroke my cheek with his finger. "I never meant to hurt you. In fact, I didn't kiss her back at all." I can feel the tears wanting to make their way into my eyes as the lump in my throat begins to grow, but I conceal them. "You know that, don't you?"

With every word, it becomes harder for me to conceal every bit of me that is screaming inside my mind. His voice is so much like Harry's and his words are so convincing, but that's the thing with liars; they're so good at lying that they themselves are believing every word that they say, and that's what makes them so convincing. I tried to contain myself but cannot, and so I remove myself from his room. I walk outside into the halls as I begin crying uncontrollably.

Edward has never lied to me. Why would he start now?

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