The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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16. Chapter 15.

Dear Diary:

Day 23.

With each second that passed with each day for the past three weeks, the time became more agonizing than I thought possible. Harry and I hadn't spoken much because he was so busy with signings, rehearsals, and shows that he barely had time to sleep. Gemma spent most of her time trying to cheer up Anne and myself, but nothing ever worked for me. I couldn't stand this distance between me and Harry because I had fallen in love with the one boy that I thought I never would've had a chance with.

Harry Styles.

As the weeks progressed, Edward tenaciously came home drunk. Anne and Gemma would only yell at him continuously for doing so, which made matters worse. Edward usually came tossing rocks at my bedroom window after that, begging for me to let him in. I would make him sleep on the couch and my bedroom door would be locked, but tonight was different.

I heard Anne and Gemma yelling at him yet another night for beating himself up like this. I never heard nor saw any rocks tossed at my window. I never heard the bristling of the tree against the window as Ed would attempt to climb it. I never heard the sound of objects hitting the floor as he stumbled around in the dark. However, I heard the sound of my phone ringing nearly an hour after he drove off, outraged.

I reached for my phone and saw a number that I barely recognized, but I answered it, hoping it was Edward.

"Hello?" I question.

"Hi, may I speak to Liela Summers?" I heard an unfamiliar female's voice.

"This is she."

"Hi, Ms. Liela. I'm calling about your friend, Edward." I could hear the worry clearly stated in her voice which began to worry me. "My name is Rachel and I'm calling from Midlands E.R." The worry that I had once tried to conceal had begun pushing its way to the top, causing a lump to grow in my throat as she continued to talk. "He's been in a terrible accident. He wrapped his car around a tree and cracked his skull. We're doing the best we can to keep him conscious but all he keeps doing is fighting against us, saying he wants you here."

I dropped my phone and did not bother to pick it up to end the call. I persistently heard Ms. Rachel calling my name as I scrambled around for my keys and wallet. I left my phone laying on my bedroom floor as I darted to my car, raging mad as I pulled out of my drive. I drove as fast as I could to Midlands, trying my hardest not to miss any stop lights or signs.

I pulled into the hospital parking lot when the sudden realization that Gemma and Anne were not informed had hit me. I reached into my pocket searching for my phone before remembering that I had left it on my floor. I sighed and walked inside. I asked the receptionist if she knew where I could find Edward before making my way to the elevator and up to the 4th floor. In room 425, I found Edward. He was laid upon the bed, asleep. His forehead is wrapped in gauze, an I.V is stuck in his wrist, scrapes and bruises are on every inch of his body, and his left leg is in a cast.

I noticed his phone on the bedside table and so I used it to call Anne. She immediately picked up, worried about her son's safety, since she too, noticed he didn't come over to my house like the other times.

"Edward?" Her voice was filled with concern as she spoke too quickly.

"Ms. Anne..."

"Oh dear god, is he with you? Is he alright? Is he safe?" She began asking too many questions that I wish I knew the answer to.

"Ms. Anne... he's in the hospital..." I trailed off.

I heard her yell for Gemma before she spoke into the phone once more. "Where at?"

"Midlands E.R." I could barely finish saying E.R before she had hung up.

I waited for only a few minutes before they arrived, horror filling their eyes at the sight of him.

As much hell as Edward put us all through, we still couldn't bare to see the sight of him, tangled up in hospital sheets as his heart rate and pulse lowered with each beat.

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