The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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15. Chapter 14.

Harry and I have spent every waking moment together today doing all of our favourite things; but now I had to face the truth, and the truth is that Harry is leaving tonight.

I sit in the living area at the Styles' house. Upstairs, I hear shouting from both of the boys that I've tried so hard to tune out. Harry is yelling at Edward not to touch me even to hug me, whilst Edward is yelling back that he can do whatever he damn well pleases.

"He'll listen to his brother, don't worry." I hear a familiar voice say. I look up to find Gemma's reassuring smile and stunning brown eyes gleaming at me. She reaches to hand me a cup of tea, and I reach forth to retrieve it. "I promise."

I give her a reassuring smile as she releases the cup into my hands for me to drink. I take a sip and immediately remember the days where things weren't as difficult as now, and all my stress melts away and I begin to relax.

I haven't had Yorkshire Tea since the last time I spent the night here, six years ago.


I stand in-between Gemma and Anne at the airport as I wave goodbye to Harry, trying not to cry. I can see sadness written on every detail of Harry's face, but he doesn't break at all. I watch him step through the gate to get to the plane and I lose all control. I turn into Gemma before feeling her and Anne wrap their arms around me, trying to calm me down. I can feel their chests move the way they do when they cry, but hear nothing. I warily glance up to see the tears rolling down their cheeks.

I hear my phone go off and so I pull it out of my pocket to check it.

From: Harry

Miss you already. I'll be home before you know it. Stop crying because that will only make me cry more. I love you, beautiful. x -H

I laugh at his words. He always did know how to make me do that.


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