The Styles Brothers // h.s

When three-year-old Liela moves to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England, she gains two amazing best friends Harry and Edward. As the years progress, what happens when she develops feelings for both of the twins? Who will she choose?

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14. Chapter 13.


Sorry that I haven't updated in some time. I really missed writing for all of you. PS: 4/5 are now single asdfghjkl


I wake up in Harry's arms and glance over to see him peacefully sleeping with his lips parted slightly. He is so beautiful. I carefully try to pull myself from his grasp hoping not to wake him.

"Liela?" He questions, searching the bed for my figure.

I reach out and grab his hand. "I'm right here."

"No, you left. You must've left."

"No, Harry, I'm here." I watch as his eyes glitter open, unveiling that beautiful shade of green that I love so much, and I find myself lying back down next to him. "Harry?"

"Yes, love?"

"When do you leave for your next tour?" I ask, worry and sadness working its way into my voice.

"Awe, sweetheart, don't you worry your pretty little mind. I'll be back before you know it."

"But when do you leave?"

He sighs, "tomorrow."

My eyes begin glancing around the room, trying to find something else to focus on to avoid the tears that were now beginning to well in my eyes. I take in a deep breath before letting it go and rolling over on my side to face Harry. "Don't forget where you belong."

"I promise." He says and kisses me on the forehead. For once, I can be relaxed stressed at the same time.

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