Dear Sue... The continuation

Dear Sue is a story that somebody already made, i just write a continuation of the story.
Hope you enjoy! :D <3


1. Dear Sue.

It has now been a month since Sue heard the song in the radio, but she just kept the song in her head.
She didn’t sleep at night, because it was the only time she was alone to could let her tears fall.
All her memories with Nick kept on coming in her dreams, and became nightmares instead.
Every day she tried to build her Self-confidence up, to call him so she could talk to him one last time, and maybe stop the nightmares.
But she never did…
As the seasons passed, it became winter.
Sue was falling longer and longer down in her black hole, of depression.
She did nothing to stop the pain her heart gave her, and she have done self-harm on herself so many times, so that didn’t work anymore.
It just made the whole thing worse…
Her family did now about her critical state, but she didn’t accept the help.
She closets all her doors, and she wouldn’t even try anymore.
There was only one thing going through her head, dead.
One day she could simply not take it anymore, and right as she was about to do it, her front door was kicked open.
The police, her parents and some ambulance people came through the door, and stopped her in the last second.
Her scream filled the house, and all she could scream was that she wanted to die.
She saw her parents cry, but didn’t care in that moment.
Not because she didn’t wanted to, because she really wanted to, but her head was so filled up with the sadness she had built up all those months.
And before she knows it, everything becomes black.


When she opened her eyes again, all she saw was white.
Her thoughts ran through her head, where was she, was she in heaven, had her dream about dying come true?
She looked around, and saw a machine there was giving a little ‘bib’ from it now and then, a white door, and as she looked to the side she saw a familiar face.
“Nick?” She whispered.
It was that person who started it all, the person who her heart was beating for, and the last person she thought would be her.
*Why was he in heaven?* She thought.
Before she got the chance to wake him up and as, there was a knock on the door.
She didn’t know why, but she closed her eyes fast, and pretended to be asleep.
“Sir?” A manly voice said.
Sue could feel Nick moving ad her side, and short after he whispered something there was sounding as a yes.
“How long are you planning on staying her? You need to go and get something to eat…” The manly voice said again.
“I’m not moving out of this chair before I she her awake, I thought I had told you that doctor” Nick said with anger in his voice.
The voice that Sue had missed that much, and ad a point she hated it.
“I’m sorry sir. But you have to leave tonight, even if she is awake or not”
And with those words, Sue only heard a door open and close again.
She wanted to open her eyes so badly, so she could she if it was Nick who had left the room or not.
Bur was too afraid to do so.
She could feel her hand was being held by an other hand, and by the sparks that ran through her hand, it has to be Nick.
“Why won’t you wake up?! Do you really hate me so much, that you would kill yourself!?”
She could hear the sadness in his voice, but she didn’t understand.
It was him who broke up with her, so he had nothing to be sad about.
All she wanted was answer, and the only way she could get it, was if she opened her eyes.
With a deep breath, she just let her is slide open, and saw a red eyed Nick.
“Nick? Why are you here?” She asked.
Nick’s head turned to look her in the eyes, and a smile broke out on his lips.
“Why I’m here? Well when I heard that you were in the hospital something in me said that I have to see you no matter what, and when I saw you, I just could’ve leave you no matter what” He said with a small voice, like If he was nervous.
“How long have I been her?” Sue was sure by what the doctor had said to Nick, that he has been her quite a while.
“Umm… I think two weeks maybe, I have only been her a week…” He answered her.
She could see that his cheeks was getting a red color, and couldn’t stop the smile that was forming itself on her lips.
She just couldn’t believe that he was her with her, that he has been waiting a week on her to wake up.
But then one question suddenly left her lips.
“But why do you care? You broke up with me, so why do you care?” After saying that, she wanted to take it back so badly, but it was too late.
Nick’s head fell, so his hair was hanging in front of his eyes. Now when she thinks about it, his hair was pretty long now, since she saw him last time.
“I regret what I said to you… I… I was afraid of what we were getting, afraid that you didn’t love me as much as I loved you, no, love you… I never forgot the feelings you made inside me, I never wanted to, but when your mother called me and said how much I had hurt you a week ago, I just felt like I had stabbed a knife through my heart” He finally stopped his story, and looked Sue in her eyes.
Tear started to come up in both their eyes, as they came closer and closer to each other, and before they knew it, there was only a couple of centimeters between them.
She wanted to tell him that she love him to, but just thought about showing him it instead.
As she had made up her mind, she took the last step, and let their lips meet in a long sweet kiss.
As they pulled away from each other, Nick kept Sue’s head in his hands.
“I love you” He whispered against her lips.
“I love you to” She also whispered, and kissed him again.



The End.

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