fighting for love


3. chapter 3

nialls p.o.v

 i got up and put on some clothes. louis was already waiting on me in the car. i walked out of the house and got into the car. i was so scared that maddie was gonna wake up. i know i shouldnt be doing this i thought to myself. louis started the engine and drove off. when we reached the club we both ran so the pap wouldnt see us but it was to late i wanted to turn around and drive away. when got in and i managed to hide myself behind people. Then i was next to a bar and thats all i remeber. I woke up in my bed. i guess louis brought me back up here. maddie was still asleep so that was good. I have no idea what i did last night but i hope i didnt do anything wrong. Maddie turned over to me, she moved herself closer and i wrapped my arms around her. she looked up at me and gave me this look. "Why do you smell like alcohol?" she moved away from me. shit. im in trouble, should i lie or tell the truth? i sat there with no words. "Niall, have you been drinking?" she asked in a disapointed tone. "All i had was a beer from down stairs" i lied. she belived me and i felt terrible. 

maddies p.o.v

He smelled like alcohol bad. He said all he had was a beer from downstairs. I trust him. I got up to go check the mail like i always do. When i opened the mail box sure enough there was a magazine....... tears fell from my eyes. I cant do this anymore. I ran into the house and staright to our room. I was balling my eyes out. I was trying not to be loud cause niall has fallen back asleep. I packed everything and i left. I called abby. 

abby: hey gurl

me: a-a-abby... *crying*

abby: maddie whats wrong come over to my house

me: im already on my way

abbys p.o.v 

i heard a car door slam. i knew it was maddie. She came bursting into my house with tears falling from her eyes. I couldnt think of anything to do so i just hugged her. I had no idea what was going on. "maddie whats wrong?" she tried to stop crying. "n-n-niall.. h-he did it again." she said while sobbing. " are you serious right now?" she looked at me and just cried. i didnt know what to do. " you can stay here if you want?" i asked. "no im not staying here i have to leave im going back to ireland im gonna go live with my brother." she gave me a hug. she left. i knew she was gonna come back soon. Then it hit me. niall. Niall is going to flip. He loves her more than anything but he screwed up big time. 

nialls p.o.v

i woke up and i figured maddie went downstairs, but before i could leave the room i noticed maddies stuff wasnt on the dresser, i pulled open the drawers nothing her clothes were gone everything was gone. I called her. No awnser. Damit. Where the hell is she........

*hey yall i know i havent updated in a LONG time but im back now and i hope to be staying updated with everything sooo yea love yall*

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