fighting for love


2. chapter 2

abbys p.o.v

i knew maddie was still upset. when maddie doesnt eat fast something is wrong. niall was a jerk for what he did but it happened and they made up so at least everything was ok. louis came up from behind me and grabbed me and threw me on the couch. i laughed. "dork" i said to him. "loser" louis said. louis was a perfect boyfriend i love him so much "i love you abby" i smiled. "i love you to louis" he hugged me and we layed on the couch.maddie and niall were upstairs. i hope everything was going ok. i got up and louis grabbed my hand. "stayyy" he begged. "im gonna go check on maddie and niall" he let go of my arm. "ugh ok fine" he rolled over. i walked upstairs and opened the door maddie and niall were asleep. it was sooo cute "awwwwww" i squeled. i covered my mouth with my hands. maddie woke up. "im so sorry go back to bed" i said to maddie. "no its fine i was about to get up anyways"maddie got out of bed and walked over to niall who was asleep and kissed him on the forehead. i waited for maddie at the door. when she got to me she asked "do you have a girls day" she smiled knowing i would say yes. "yesss!!!!" i screamed. "ok well go get dressed" she told me. me and maddie walked different ways i went into my room and grabbed a bright pink tank top that said love and my skinny jeans with my black vans. i brushed my hair and put on my makeup,by the time i was done maddie walked in my room. she was wearing a black tanktop with a infinity sign on it with jean shorts and her black vans. "we look amaZAYN" i said. maddie laughed. "yes yes we do" we laughed and grabbed our purses. when we got to the car maddie wanted to drive. "ummmm idk maddie you get distracted" i giggled "ugh ok fine" we laughed and got in the car and headed to the mall. 

nialls p.o.v

when i woke up maddie was gone i was really scared. i walked downstairs,kitchen,living room,i looked everywhere and she was no where. i decided to text her. 

me: hey princess where are you?

maddie: im at the mall with abby having a girls day

me:oh ok you had me scared

maddie: im sorry i love you

me: i love you to have fun. 

i put down my phone and i was relaxed.i thought she had left me. i never wanted maddie to leave me because i love her but when i get drunk i do stupid things that i cant control. i sat on the couch next to louis who was asleep. i turned on the tv and started to watch finding nemo.

*2 hours later*

the girls walked in and i ran to them i picked up maddie and gave her a big hug."ABBBYY!!" louis woke up and ran to abby and squeezed her and gave her a hudge wet kiss. "ewwww louis" abby yelled. we all laughed. me and maddie were holding hands so i took her outside."maddie i love you so much please never leave me" " i wont i promise i love you niall" i smiled. im gonna marry her one day but not yet were not ready. it was getting late so we all decided to go to bed. me and maddie went to bed watching cinderella that night. "love you princess night" "night nialler" i kissed her on the nose and we went to bed.

louis p.o.v

it was 1:23 am in the morning. i got out of bed and went to maddie and nialls room. "niall wake up lad" i whispered. i smacked him. "oww what did you do that for" he said. "come on lets go to the club" "what! are you crazy maddie doesnt want me going to those you saw what happned last time maddie almost left me" "forget what maddie says come on no one will figure out we went ok" "fine just this once tomlinson"

* hey guys thanks so much for all the loving comments i am loving this story sorry it was short i have school but i will be updating again after school :) but leave comments what do you think is gonna happen next thanks so much love you guys*


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