fighting for love


1. chapter 1

maddies p.o.v

"go away" i yelled at niall. "look im sorry princess you know i love you" he yelled back at me. "whatever you did it anyways". i was in tears by now i walked out of our apartment. me and niall have been dating for 3 years and just the other day he went to the club and was all over a girl and he kissed her. as i walked out of our apartment niall grabbed my arm "please niall just let me go" i begged. i looked up at niall he was red and his eyes were blood shot from crying. "maddie i love you i promise i wont do it again i love you sooo much please just dont leave me". i looked him in the eyes and i gave in. "fine you win this time niall" i pulled him in for a hug and he kissed me. he held me all night and wouldnt let go. i loved niall and the fact that he did that hurt me. i was just so angry, and then when i saw him i gave in. i shouldnt have. i could hear niall snooring, i got up and put the blanket over him. i sleep in our room that night i needed some time alone. when i sat down and pulled out my phone i had 64 texts from my bestfriend abby. 

abby: are you ok

abby: come over

abby: maddie please awnser me 

abby: maddie im here for you 

it went on for awhile. i texted her back telling her everything was ok she replyed saying good. i laughed she was so protective. she was dating louis they were a cute couple. i put my phone on my night stand and laid my head on my pillow. right as i closed my eyes i felt to arms warp around me. i knew it was niall. "night princess" i smiled i loved it when he called me that "night nialler" i said. i was happy that we made up but what if it happens again.i keep thinking all of these things and i keep making myelf worrie. 

*next morning* 

i woke up and i could smell the breakfast downstairs. i knew abby and the boys had came over. niall came out of the bathroom right as i went to roll over. 

nialls p.o.v 

"morning" i said to maddie who had just woke up. "morning" she turned over with a smile on her face. she was so beautiful. i love her but i hate myself for what i did to her she is nothing but perfect to me and i screwed it up. "wanna go eat" i asked her "sure" she got out of bed her  red hair was wavy and she had on her pink sweat pants and a black tank top. damn she was hot.i smiled and we walked downstairs. "morrrrnnnniiiinnngg" louis screamed. they had everything ready "thanks guys" maddie said. maddie sat down and kinda just sat there she ate very slow. "you ok" abby asked her "yea just tired" she replyed. maddie was acting strange she usally eats it really fast. i think i know why she is acting like this she is thinking about what i did i know it. after maddie was done eating i grabbed her hand and took her upstairs. "dont do anything stupid niall" louis yelled. maddie giggled. she was so cute i couldnt help it. when i reached out room i layed down and maddie layed next to me.i snuggled up next to her and told her how much i love her. "niall do you really love me" i was shocked at that question "MADDIE OF COURSE I LOVE YOU!!!" she laughed. "then why did you kiss that girl" her face went back to a frown. "i was drunk maddie i had no control maddie i promise it wont happen again" she smiled. "i love you" "i love you to" she feel asleep and i just laid there with her. she was my everything.

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