No More Whispers

"But doesn't everyone have bumps in their life Ella? Your not the only one who has problems these day girl!"


1. Useless CH 1


I watch out the window of the train. Everything goes past in a rush. Im am in no need to get there in a hurry, the plan was all mum's idea I barely had any say in what I was doing. Right now, right this second I am on my way to this new school. Yeah sure, you say it's just a new school so whats the big noise all about.


But there is something special about this school. This is the school for deaf people. Yes, I am special but no I don;t of myself in a way like that. I am normal apart from the fact that i can't hear. I can walk, talk, cry, laugh, run and whatever else you can name apart from hearing. I have been like this for the past six months. 

Six months ago, when I had thought more about saving my dog that my own life. How was I to know that there was a car coming right the corner or that the car was going over the speed limit. Yet whenever my mum sees me she just shakes her head in disgust. Like she thought that all of these problems were because of me. 

As i continue to stare out of the window I feel wet tears come streaming down my cheeks. I feel excluded from the rest of the world. No-body wants to be friends with a deaf girl. Where you have to learn sign to actually speak to her. 

My old friends just ditched me after learning what happened. They came to the hospital at first but after I was able to leave that place, I got ditched. No one came round to see if I was alright. If i needed a shoulder to cry on. Nothing. The world looked at me in embarrassment. Like I was the one creating all of their problems.

I feel the breaks of the train wheels ease on. Only once your deaf, you learn to feel all of these vibrations through objects and the air. I pull down y luggage from the ceiling racks and head to the door. 

I had never felt worse before, i stagger of the steps of the train once it had fully stopped. Today was the day I entered a new world. The world of a deaf boarding high school. 

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