Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


12. watch out Hattie

 Watch out Hattie

Juliet- Hattie how could you my own step sister

Hattie- what can I say I`m a babe magnet

Juliet- Oh get over your self

Hattie- Juliet get over your self

Romeo comes to tell Hattie the news

Romeo- Hattie great news oh

Juliet- Here comes the no good

Romeo- Hi. Hattie great   we can talk about you moving in

Hattie- I would love to

Romeo-Now you can come and chose the room you’re in

Hattie- lets go Romeo

 Hattie and Romeo go

Juliet- Curse you

Bethany- You wanna get back at them follow me

Juliet- You know what you aren`t that bad


They go to the house

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