Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


14. the guy time

Romeo- Hi Rappy

Rappy- hi you want a drink

Romeo- yeah a pint of beer

Rappy- ok I`ll meet you at the card table with the drinks

Romeo- then we will play for Hattie

Rappy- you`re on

Rappy got the drinks then went to pool table to play for Hattie

Narrator- Romeo and Rappy started with Seven each of the cards Rappy`s cards were: King of Hearts, Queen of spears, Jack of spears, Jack of diamonds, King of diamonds, Queen of clovers and seven of spears. Romeo`s cards were: Queen of Hearts, Jack of hearts, King of spears, Queen of diamonds, King of clovers, Jack of clovers and ten of clovers. First move Romeo.

Romeo- do you have any queens

Rappy passes over his two queens

Romeo- pair.

Narrator- now Rappy`s

Rappy- do you have any seven`s

Romeo- no

Rappy picks up a card

Narrator- the game went on till Romeo won

Romeo- yes I won

Rappy- nooooooo

Romeo- bye loser


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