Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


18. Thank you

Narrator- Thank you for watching Cinderella or not Say good bye to the cast



 Father, Robert


Step mum, Katrina




And finally Hattie

Hattie- Thank You very much I have loved playing Hattie her attitude changes a lot throughout the play, but one thing that doesn`t change is the fact she is actually quite jealous of Juliet yet tries to hide it she is a challenging character as she has to hide her true emotions which is tough as I don`t do that truly so I am sort of doing that to be Hattie.

Juliet- Thank you so much for watching Juliet although she looks quite easy to play but truly she is very difficult as she has to show love, fury, hate, sadness sometimes all at ones. I think that it is hard to act being killed as I was not allowed to show how I was killed but it was a knife thrown at my back it is not that surprising who did it as they had it in for me the whole time.

Romeo- I have loved playing Romeo he is a bit of an idiot for going to Hattie and not staying with Juliet, but then there would be no story I have had fun working with all the characters but I have loved playing Romeo it has been great. In scene 14 we see that Romeo is a gambler and was willing to lose Hattie because of it but when he wins he is relieved 

Bethany- Being Bethany is great she starts being a copy cat of Hattie but then she becomes her own person a helps Juliet. She was furious with Hattie for killing Juliet but it was fun as Bethany was the one that got to tell everyone what had happened    

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