Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


11. romeo has a decision to make

Romeo attack

Hattie-Romeo I know you have just got married to Juliet but wouldn`t you much rather have me instead.

Romeo-I like you but if I go to you Juliet will think something might have happened before the wedding.

Hattie- I don`t mind we must take risks

Romeo- You know what Hattie I do really love you

Hattie-  OH Romeo I`m touched

Romeo-I will tell Juliet I`m so sorry but I can`t be with her it puts her and me in danger

Hattie- great

Romeo- I will go now bye



Romeo goes to tell Juliet

Juliet- Hi Romeo or should I say husband

Romeo- Yeah about that it is safer for both of us if we get a divorce I am so sorry

Juliet- But, we have just got married how could you do this to me

Romeo- I should go

Juliet- Go get out of my life forever

Romeo- About that see this was not happening before the wedding but it`s me and Hattie we are in love

Juliet- Well go get out of my life wait thank you for being truthful to me


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