Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


13. regenge plan

Juliet- Hattie I forgive you

Hattie-  I`m not falling for that

Juliet- Fine you figured me out this time but I will get my Revenge

Hattie- I`ve got my eyes on you

Juliet- I`ve got to go

Hattie-  bye cow!!!!!!!!!!

Juliet goes to plan next revenge


Juliet- Rappy are you Hattie`s ex

Rappy- Yes

Juliet- will you pretend to be my boyfriend

Rappy- ok


Juliet-  hi Hattie do you like my new boyfriend Rappy

Hattie- Hahaha he is not my ex

Juliet- what

Hattie- bye

Romeo- no you don`t sound like a bad bloke you wanna go to the bar later and play some cards

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