Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


8. Murders truth

Juliet listens in to Hattie, Bethany and Katarina talking.

Step mother- Hattie, Bethany the stash is in to bad Robert had to die for it. Hahahaha

Hattie- yes now what will we do about his ugly daughter

Bethany- yeah Juliet

Step mother- shhhhh. She might her you. But you are right I will think about that. Muhahaha

Bethany and Hattie join in the laughing

Juliet goes to see Romeo to tell him what she had heard


Juliet-Romeo, Romeo, Romeo Katarina killed my father and now she wants to kill me help me

Romeo- What do you mean she killed your father and now she wants to kill you

Juliet- I know it is wrong but I was listening to their conversation and she said it loud and clear what shall I do if I go back she might kill me but if I don`t go back than she will be so frustrated then kill me what shall I do

Romeo- I will come back with you to protect you

Juliet- no it is fine she will be so angry it will not work

Romeo- Then kill her before she kills you

Juliet-Ok but the only way I know how to kill is by fighting

Romeo- I will gather a force to help fight

Juliet- Thank you so much but we take on Katarina just the two of us

Romeo- Ok anything you want my love

Juliet- Lets gather the force now then go and take her on

Romeo- lets go

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