Cinderella or Not

An enchanting romance story of fighting for love then an affair to end the romance


9. fight time

Juliet- Katarina you are challenged to a fight you murder

Step mother-You are on Juliet

Juliet- Then let us fight

Narrator- It is the fight they are crucially fighting this is literally a matter of life and death if Katarina goes down then it is over if Juliet dies then Romeo will fight till he or Katarina goes. Now all Juliet`s force are still standing but many of Katarina`s force are down. It is a crucial time Juliet and Romeo against Katarina who will win. Its Juliet, no it is Katarina is down, Katarina is DEAD!!!!!!!!

Juliet/ Romeo- YES WE LIVED THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Juliet- Romeo you saved me she went to stab me but you stabbed her first

Romeo- well now we can be together forever and ever

Juliet- I love you Romeo

Romeo- Good now Will you marry me

Juliet- uhm Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!

Romeo- You will. Thank you I will prepare it now

Juliet-Really already great

Romeo- let us get ready

Juliet- lets go

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