The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


6. Trapped

James POV:

I felt really bad about tricking Jynix into coming up here but it was for her own safety I watched in anger as Tom and Matt lifted her up and placed her next to a pole that was from the computer desk.

"Charlie pass me the hand cuffs" said Matt I had every thought in my mind to stop them but instead I stood my ground.

"Tom hand cuff her left hand" said Matt as he attached the right side cuff onto her right hand.

Tom just stood there not moving I thought for a moment did he have the same feeling that I did.

But I once again let my thoughts get the better of me Tom cuffed her left hand leaving her cuffed to the pole.

Charlie grabbed the keys out of my hands,


He must of realised that when they left if I had they keys I would take the handcuffs off her.

"It's for her own safety" Charlie said chucking the keys towards Tom.

"Give 'em to Harry will yah" he said heading out the door.

"Okay" agreed Tom he headed out the door followed by Matt I looked at Jynix I couldn't stand to see her like this but it was for her own safety she had to stop going out of the boarder and this was the only way to do that I couldn't handle standing in here knowing that I helped to do this to her so I headed out the door and towards Dougie's electronics station.


I woke up with a smashing head ache,

I looked around trying to remember what happened,

I tried to get up but when I reached the desk part of the table I couldn't go any higher I looked behind me to see my hands cuffed to the desk.


I tried desperately to get out of the situation when the watch tower door swung open.

I quickly slid down the pole so that i was sitting down once again and closed my eyes pretending to still be asleep.

"Stop pretending to be asleep Jynix I know your not" said the familiar voice of Harry.

I opened my eyes as fast as I could to see the medic with ripped jeans and bruised face with a small cut above his eyebrow.

"Harry?" I said both shocked and confused making it sound like a question.

"Yes?" He asked.

"What are you doing here?" I shook out of my thoughts.

"Helping you" he smiled I felt like choking myself.

"Why, and how did you know I was here"

"Why: because I can and How: Tom gave me the key." He pulled out a small gold key from his pocket.

"If they find out you helped me they will chuck you out and leave you for the government and the walkers" he moved closer.

"They won't" he unlocked my right wrist. "I'll close them again so that I looks like you got yourself out"

But how, most people break there wrist getting out of handcuffs" he looked at me.

"That's the only problem."

"No you are not going to break my wrists are you?" He grabbed my left hand.

"I'm sorry" he looked back at my wrist "but I can fix them in a week."

"I wouldn't care if you could fix them in a day your not breaking my wrists" he looked up at me.

"Look I can fix this in a week but I'm not gonna let you be locked up in 'ere for the next week an' a Half" he looked down at my wrist again "I'm afraid this might hurt a bit."

I prepared myself for the agonising pain to hit my wrist but he said done before I felt a thing.

"Hav' you done it yet" I asked slightly confused at the fact that he had said he was done.

"Sure hav'" he said holding up my wrists they certainly looked broken but they didn't feel it.

"Come 'ere and I'll get you to the 'ospital wing and fix these 'ere broken wrists."he said helping me up.

I yelped in pain as he helped me up via my forearms.

"Oh sorry" he smiled at me "but any chance you could be quiet" I gave him an evil glare.

"Any chance there's another way to get out of here without injuring me anymore." He glared back at me.

"This will scar, sorry" he looked down at the cut wrist where the bone had broken through.

"I know" I looked down "got a tissue or something?"

"Maybe" he said turning his pockets inside out. "Look your gunna 'ave to 'ide until your wrists are 'ealed only contacting either Danny or me" I looked up at him.

"What about Dougie?" He looked back at me with a sympathetic look.

"There might be a chance that Matt, James, Charlie and Tom haven't mentioned this to Dougie" I frowned "you know what he's like when he finds out your hurt or in trouble"

"Yeah" I agreed.

He carried me to the hospital wing where he sat me down on a bed.

"Wait here" he said as he disappeared into the small room witch said keep out.

I snuck up behind him a took a first look into the room.

I was so surprised it was covers with pictures of me Izzy and the boys.

I gasped he grabbed his axe off his desk and swung it at my head in fright,

I ducked, just narrowly missing the axe as it but the door.

Harry turned around only to see me crouching on the floor.

"Shit are you all right" he gasped.

"Yeah fine" I said getting up off the floor.

Harry dragged me by the arm back to the bed, then ran back to the small room to shut and lock the doors before walking back to me.

He grabbed my wrist and straightened them up so that they were in the position that the would be if they weren't broken.

He grabbed a plank of wood and rest my wrist on it he then grabbed a small piece of steel and placed it on the back of my wrist.

He wrapped a bandage around my wrist to hold the steel in place.

"Will this work?" I asked as he did the same to my other wrist.

"Worked for me" he smiled showing his wrists and the scars that ran along his wrist.

Just then there was a bang at the door.

"I wouldn't hang around if I was you" Harry whispered to me.

I ran to a window and started to climb I ran straight to the Mechanics room to see Danny.

When I got there Matt and Charlie were standing talking to Danny.

I couldn't go in but I couldn't stay outside I had to hide somewhere.

I called Harry on my earpiece.

"Hello, who..." He started.

"Harry it's me Charlie and Matt are with Danny have you found out if Dougie knows" I whispered.

"No he doesn't" he replied.

"Good, that's all bye" I said hanging up.

I had to make it to the electronics station without being seen.

I ran out of the hall and to the station,

James was standing out side the staff only room that Dougie spent the time he wasn't working in.

Dougie wasn't anywhere in sight so he must of been in the office, I had to find a way of getting inside of the room without James seeing me.

I snuck round the back of James and to the open window on the left side of the staff room,

I looked at my wrists. it hurt last time to climb out the window but that was a small climb, this window was higher up than last time my hands could only just reach.

I gripped the window and tried desperately to climb through it.

I eventually made it through the window and into the store room

"Dougie you in here??" I ask in a whisper.

Doug walked round the corner...

"What the hell are you doing here"Dougie yelled at me.

"Shut U-" I started to say before I got cut off by the sound of the staff room door opening James walked in...

"Oh Shit!!!" I said...

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