The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


4. Tom!!!!

Chapter 4:

I woke up to people surrounding a bed in the hospital.
Every one was here apart from Jynix.
"Danny" I called he walked over and sat down next to me. "What's going on?" 
"It's Tom we were fighting off the government yesterday and they threw a bomb and it landed just in front of Tom but Tom didn't see it and it blew him into a rock he is lucky to be in one piece I was closest to him so I was first by his side but he hasn't woken up yet" said Danny panicking 
"Where's Jynix" I asked suddenly starting to panic.
"Don't worry she's in the patrol tower if she comes here she will be upset"Danny said covering his mouth as he realised what he had said.
"Why I thought they hated each other" I asked now really confused.
"Well only around everyone else that's why when they need to talk to each other they leave the room and stand out side because they don't want you to know that they are friends" Danny lied "don't forget she tells me everything"

"What's everyone crowding around" I asked but nobody replied,
I tapped on Harry's shoulder but my hand went through him.
"What!" I said confused I couldn't even here them properly all I could here was muffled voices and lips moving.
I walk through them and looked at the bed just to see what they were crowding.
When I got closer I saw a young man who looked about my age it wasn't until I got right up close that I realised it was me.
It was scary hearing the silence of my breath me and anything touching me was all I could hear.
"If he doesn't wake up we have to turn off the machines and let him go" Harry said whilst touching my hand.
"Please, Please, Please let me survive this, Please." I shout at the top of my lungs.
Suddenly I was a crippled heap on the floor gasping for breath.
"I'll go and get Jynix" Harry says leaving the room.
I was still on the floor my chest clasping in on its self.
I couldn't breathe I start to fade.
My brown eye shot open frighting the life out of everyone near me the all jump backwards.
I thought I was going to die,
I start to think that it's best to keep this to myself for now.

I wake up the next morning and try to stand up but I can't I look down at my hand I was handcuffed to one of the desks in the patrol tower but no one was insight just then Harry opens the door with a key in his hand.
"Where the hell did you get the handcuffs" I asked 
"Top draw" he said bending down to unlock the cuffs. "You can go now" he said.
I got up off the floor and walked out of the patrol tower and towards the hospital.
When I got there Tom was in there talking to James I faced the floor and waited for him to leave before talking to Dougie.
I had training with Dougie next but Dougie still couldn't do training. 
I sat next to my sleeping boyfriend and wondered who I would be doing training with...

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