The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


3. Past Present And Future

Chapter 3:

I was a bit  Nerved  when Tom sat down beside me.
He turned to look at me but by the time he faced me my eyes were glued to the floor.
Dougie was asleep now but Harry was still here.
Tom clearly didn't want anyone to hear what he was about to say because he grabbed my arm and dragged me out side.
With my eyes still glued to the now concrete floor.
When ever I look at  concrete it reminds me of the day my parents died the day I got the nickname the devils daughter.
I always have visions of that horrible day.
I didn't want to have one now though but I couldn't stop it the urge to do so was to strong I wanted to here what Tom had to say but I couldn't stop I fell into the land of dreams and visions.
I hid behind a wall so that my younger self could not see me.
The concrete floor was covered in a pool of my fathers blood.
My mother yelled at the younger me to make it stop only it wasn't my mothers voice it was Tom telling me to snap out of it.
My vision slowly fading as the pool of blood got smaller and smaller.
I stared at the floor with a blank expression as if something amazing just happened,
But my eyes were full of horror.
Tom followed my gaze and stared at the floor to see what I was looking at.
He must of realised that there was nothing there because he pulled my chin up so I was forced to look him in the face but I refused to look at him in his chocolate brown eyes.
He looked me in the eyes only to see the horror blaze in my eyes blood on concrete floor and the cold dead bodies of my parents.
"How did your parents die again" he stammered in shock.
I now knew for sure that he had seen what shone in my eyes.
"I've already told you they died in a car crash" I said looking down at the floor.
"Look me in the eyes and tell me that" he said starting to get impatient.
"Fine it wasn't in a car accident but why would I tell you"I said still not ready to give in completely.
"Because Danny's afraid of you when you get angry and all I know it's something to do with your parents death"Tom said.
"Urgh fine do you ever wonder why Danny calls me the devils daughter." I stammered.
"No why" asked Tom sounding confused.
"Because I'm exactly that, I could of stopped my parents death but I didn't I just stood back and watched it happened" I said now on my knees crying.
Tom was shocked and horrified about the last sentence I just said.
"I was 7 and faced with saving two lives" I said still crying.
Tom knelt down beside me.
"Hey calm down its okay" he said trying to reassure me.
"Out of all the people here I should of been behind Dougie I should be dead I deserve to be dead" I said quietly but obviously not quiet enough because Tom heard it.
"Hey, no don't think like that" he said to me still trying to cheer me up.
When suddenly there was a muffled voice coming from Toms Walkie-Talkie.
I could only just make out what the voice was saying.
"We're under attack Tom, not zombies its the government there still trying to get us out of the U.S and get to the safe haven" said the metallic voice.
"Don't they ever learn that we're not leaving America" Tom said speaking into the Walkie-Talkie 
"Nope" said the voice again 
"That was James the governments at it again we better go and help out" and with that he ran off towards the armoury.
I followed him and helped hand out the weapons before grabbing my bow and some arrows.
I started to head for battle, when suddenly there was a loud bang the explosion knocked me off my feet I got back up and once again started to head towards the battle when Harry grabbed me from behind he looked towards Danny.
Danny gave Harry a nod. 
I was thrown in the floor and the world turned black.


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