The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


5. Out And About

Chapter 5:

I sat down in the gym waiting for training to start. As the clock ticked over I kinda figured that Jynix wouldn't show up.
I was fed up of waiting so I walked over to bench and started to bench press.
Just then the door swung open I stopped bench pressing and walked over to the open area of the gym.
I was surprised to see that the person who had kicked the door open was in fact Jynix.
"Hello Tom" she said with a devilish smile.
"Uh hi" I said back sounding a bit confused "why are you here exactly?"
"Training" she said again.

The training went on for at least another half an hour.
When we finished I went to see Danny.
"Hey Danny, Tom knows" I said slinging my bow on the sofa of the mechanic room.
"What?" Asked Danny confused.
"Tom knows about my parents and you being afraid of me when I get angry" I said looking around. 
"How did he..." Danny started.
"I was hoping you could tell me that" I said turning to him angrily.
Danny stepped away as my eyes turned from the light blue colour that they usually were to a blood red.
"I don't kn..kno..know anything I sw..swe..swear" He stuttered. 
"I'm sorry Danny" I said as my eyes turned back to their normal colour.
Danny stopped backing away and walked towards me.
"Is there any missions today" he asked desperately trying to change the subject.
"I don't know I could check for you" I said pushing a button on the side of my ear piece. "Jynix to James do you read me James"
"Loud and clear Jynix loud and clear" James said back.
"Is there any mission to be taken care of today" I asked still talking through the ear piece.
"Yes I need you Danny Tom Matt and Charlie to go and check out the south quarter but be weary of the government" James answered.
"Will you be coming too?" I asked 
"Yes, I'll go round up the boys meet you round at the armoury" James said back.
"Okay will meet you there I'll bring Danny with me as I am already standing beside him" I said.
"Okay see ya there" James said before hanging up.
"Yes there is a mission James is going to round up the people who are going with us we have to head to the armoury" I said grabbing my bow from the sofa.
"Okay" he said grabbing his pistol from the desk and slipping it into his holster.
As we were heading towards the armoury I turned towards Danny.
"How are you getting along with the cars" I asked trying to start a conversation.
"It's taken a while but I think all that's left to do now is find a new battery and maybe some fuel and they'll be ready for driving" He said.
"Good when were in the south quarter we can look for what ever the cars need" I said.
When we got to the armoury James was already there he opened the door for us.
Once we were inside I looked around remembering how many weapons we owned I headed over to my rack grabbed my a couple of arrows, and looked around to see what else I could bring.
I grabbed my pistol and fastened it to my belt before grabbing my riffle I slung my bow over my shoulder put my riffle in its holster and then grabbed all the ammo I could carry.
I then waited for the others to finnish.
When everyone was done we headed out to the south quarter I climbed up one of the sides of a building so I could watch for walkers.
I grabbed my bow off my shoulders and pulled on my high tech watch glasses that came out of my ear piece.
"James on your right" I warned him 
"Rodger that" he replied when suddenly something hit me on the back of the head I hit the floor in pain I got back up only to see that I wasn't alone on the roof.
"We have incoming why haven't you warned us about this?" Asked James.
"Look for yourself" I replied, I grabbed my dagger from my belt and stabbed its arm so that it would let me go.
I then grabbed my pistol and started to shoot but it wasn't working the bullets were just not tearing at the monsters plasticky skin.
I ran to the side of the building and jumped slinging my bow over my shoulders and cocking my pistol.
I landed on the floor surprising every one.
"Hi" I said getting up off the floor I looked around to look for the walker I had just narrowly escaped from, aimed for its head and shot it straight up it lost its balance and fell from the building and hit the ground with a splat it's plastic skin and rotten flesh spread out across the floor it's infected brain splattered all over the ground.
I turned to Tom his facial expression has turned from his normal happy but serious face to a disgusted creeped out disturbed face he does when he sees something disgusting.
He realised I was looking  at him and turned around quickly his back was now facing me.
"Nice save" James said standing up straight I looked at him my facial expression turned from the joking 'u got 2 b kiddin me'
To the sarcastic 'yeah right' face I do to James when he says something nice to me.
I helped Charlie off the floor as he pushed the dead walker off himself and pulled his machete out of it's brain.
"There, the old theatre there should be food in there" Matt yelled pointing to the theatre entrance. 
I looked at Danny he gave me a nod.
"We'll look for the car stuff afterwards." He said slowly making his way towards the theatre entrance, I started to follow.
I grabbed my bow from my shoulder and an arrow from my case and fitted it slowly in place before pushing the door open with my foot and scanning the area bow in hand ready if any walkers jumped out.
"All clear" I call to James who then walked in followed by the others.
We look around for anything and everything we could find.
I notice a bunch of small silver items on the floor I walk closer to get a better look.
They were bullets cases and all, 
completely untouched it was as though someone was packing to leave.
"I don't trust this place" I said but nobody was listing.
 "Jynix!" James called sounding slightly scared and creeped out.
I slowly walk over to see what the boys are crowding.
It was a body, 
It belonged to a nineteen year old boy named Felix.
"Is that..." Matt started to say once realising who it was.
"Yes" I said stopping him before he could continue 
Felix's body was stone cold and the smell of off flesh filled the small area in witch he lay,
He was completely untouched nothing but a small cut on his neck other than that not a scar nor bruise anywhere.
"A cut that's all it takes" Danny said slowly starting to back away from the once comrade Felix.
"How long to you think he's been like this." Asked Tom.
Nobody answered Tom, we all just stood there for a while when I noticed a small hole in the wall I looked through nothing  was there when suddenly out of no where a blood shot half rotten eye was staring back at me it was at this moment I realised we weren't alone.
I backed away from the wall slowly as the creature on the other side began to pound against the wall soon the wall fell down landing on Felix's body I looked to see where the walker had been hiding when I saw it.
The hive, it was where all the walkers had come from.
There was thousands of them.
But not only walkers but clickers to.
(Zombies that have been around alot longer than the newbies 'walkers' clickers are completely blind but are extremely dangerous they may not be able to see but there hearing is extremely good one small noise and they know where you are.) 
We back away as quietly as we can I ready my bow and aim for a zombie that was running towards Danny I released the arrow witch made the small on my check slightly deeper it hit the walker straight in the fore-head 
It fell over taking down Danny as it went.
I grabbed Danny's hand and pulled him up I grabbed my arrow.
And signalled everyone to get out.
James Matt Charlie and Tom grabbed their now filled backpacks and ran for the door I pushed Danny towards the exit but after that he just stopped.
"I'm not going with out you" he yelled.
"I'm not letting you stay behind and get yourself killed" I yelled back grabbing a metal pole that lay on the floor.
I grabbed Danny by his torn shirt collar and dragged him towards the door I got Tom and Danny to close the door as I barricaded it.
"Run!!!" I yelled.
Matt and Charlie took off and were way ahead when Danny pulled me back by the once long sleeve top that had one of its sleeves torn off collar. 
"Over there" he said pointing to a car parts shop.
I ran a head of him to the others. 
"Get back go base" I said every now and then my eyes flicking back to Danny,  the theatre doors and then back to the group I was talking to.
James nodded and led the group back to base.
I ran back to Danny.
"We have to be quick that barrier won't hold much longer, and for all we know there could be walkers in the shop" I said flicking a looks between Danny and the Shop.
"Don't worry I know what I need" He said running of towards the shop.
"How are we going to sneak all this back onto base." I asked.
"No idea" he smirked as he swung the shop door open. "If there's any food grab it" 
I slung my back pack from my shoulders and put it on the self and looked around.
Several chocolate bars were laying on the floor.
I picked them up and put them in my bag before going to help Danny.
Once we had got what we needed we headed back to base with the barrier still in place.
We walked through the deserted court yard when BANG the barrier on the theatre door swung open.
"Run!" Danny yelled to me.
We made it back to base with no walkers following us.
I slung my bow on the mechanics couch and helped Danny place the battery's in the cars and fill up there fuel tank with the petrol.
Just then the doors swung open.
Me and Danny gulped worried on who it would be and how much trouble they would be in if anybody found out about us going to the shop instead of staying with the group.
A male figure walked in and swung his arms around me and gave me a hug.
"What the heck were you thinking I thought you were dead when they came back with out you." He yelled at me just then I realised who it was it was Dougie!
"Sorry we got caught up Danny thought he saw some food on the ground but he was imaging it and on the way back we were attacked by zombies" I lied trying not to think about what this would mean to him if he found out the truth and the fact that I lied to him.
"Okay just don't do it again." He said slightly quieter.
"Shouldn't you be resting?" Asked Danny.
"Nah Harry said I could leave all better and not a single broken bone in sight" he said he glanced at me and then looked back at Danny "how are the cars coming along" 
"Well there done" Danny said looking at Dougie with a smirk on his face.
Dougie looked slightly confused.
"But you said you were missing supplies for them." He said 
"Yeah I found them around base yesterday" he lied.
If I was Dougie I would of noticed that Danny's eyes flicked off Dougie's as he spoke.
He's such a bad liar.
I smiled at him but turned to face the wall so Dougie wouldn't notice it.
"What chu smiling about?" Asked Dougie in his cute British accent.
Too late...
"Nothing" I lied. 
God I can't lie for my life.  
Dougie smiled and then headed out the door.
Me and Danny looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"Is your boyfriend that stupid" Danny said laughing.
"Watch it he maybe be and idiot but he still my boyfriend" I joked.
Danny smiled at me before grabbing my arms and hugging I hugged back it wasn't unusual for me to hug Danny.
Just then my earpiece started to ring.
"Hello" I said into the earpiece.
"Jynix it's James where the hell are you?" James yelled into his earpiece.
"With Danny in the mechanics room, why?" I asked confused.
"It's been two hours since we arrived back here and you didn't come with us and you didn't come through the front doors we thought you were dead" James sobbed.
"Right yeah, Didn't Dougie tell you he just came to see us" I said sounding more confused than ever.
"No" I looked to Danny in confusion he was listing in on mine and James's conversation "we haven't seen him since we arrived back here"
"That's weird why would Dougie do that" I said to Danny,
He didn't speak instead he shrugged   I turned back to focus on my conversation with James.
"Look we need to talk" I stood there silently maybe he hadn't noticed but we were talking.
I heard someone cough in the background the only two people that I could think of that would do that was Tom and Charlie.
"In person" finished James.
I stood there not knowing what to say or do,
"Meet me in the watch tower" he said before hanging up.
"Got to go to the watch tower James needs to talk to me in person" I said leaving to mechanics room.
James was like my brother when my parents died his parents took me in and he looked after me I didn't care that he was 7 years older than me he was still the only friend I had for a while.
I headed down the road towards the tower when I arrived at its pass code locked door.
I don't know why we had a passcode on the door no one who wasn't apart of base couldn't get through the doors unless you were me or Danny who knew the second entrance I typed in the passcode and entered the hall way I head for the stairs and started to climb.
Once I climb all the stairs and entered the top of the tower.
"Jynix I didn't want to do this" said James as I opened the door slightly.
"Do what James" I asked but before I could get a reply something hit me on the back of the head and I hit the floor my vision slowly going black.


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