The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


2. Forgotten

Chapter 2:


"Danny Jones where the hell are you" I yelled 
"In here" Danny said in reply 
He was in the mechanics room why didn't I check here first he was in charge of mechanics 
"What is it Jynix" asked Danny 
"I need to tell you some thing" I replied with a smile when ever I smiled at Danny he knew it wasn't good 
"You know how I only trust you, we'll I should have told you first but Dougie was there and Harry pressured me to tell him but at least now I'm going to tell you now" I started Danny was a good listener and would always understand what I had to say he was the only one who knew all my secrets like the one about me dating Dougie but liking another guy in Team Jynix he listened well to my story about me and Dougie leaving and not telling anyone. 
He didn't blame me for what I did but he wanted me to go and see our
Co-Leader Tom Fletcher. I always hated going to see Tom because he was that other member that I liked in Team Jynix but I guess Danny was right I probably needed to go tell Tom that me and Dougie are alright and I guess he also needs to know what happened.


She seemed upset about my decision  to send her to Tom, But who could blame her she had a crush on him but couldn't stand to brake Dougie's heart, But she went anyway she walked out the room towards the patrol tower I walked away from the window I had to make sure she went to him last time I sent her there she ran off and climbed into a tree I decided I would go for a walk seen as I had no luck with the motors.


I went to tell Tom about the whole Dougie thing but when I got to the patrol tower he wasn't there.
"Fletcher, where the hell are you" I yelled but there was no reply.
The fact that the room was quiet was weird Tom never left the patrol tower unless it was absolutely necessary I thought I better go and tell Danny before he chewed me out about not going to see him so off I went back to the mechanics station.


I heard about Dougie being injured so I went down to see him.
I had no idea how or why this situation happened but when I got down there I found out the whole story.
I was mad at Jynix for not telling me James and Charlie at the patrol tower even if she had just told one of us that they were going Dougie would of been less Likely to be injured.
If she came to see us we could of sent her out with a patrol squad and neither of them would of been in danger.


I talked to Danny about Tom not being there and hoped that Danny wouldn't send me anywhere in fear of bumping into Tom.
I walked towards the window and looked through the glass only to see the city's and towns in a blaze of red, yellow and orange.
I felt really bad about what I did after seeing that, I realised what could of happened I put everyone in danger by doing what I did.
I thought about Dougie and I realised that everyone's just been saying that I did the right thing by saving Dougie to make me feel better and Danny said it because he was afraid of making me angry because of my darkest secret.

The whole Dougie thing could of killed us all and it was because of me!
"Jynix, Jynix, JYNIX" Danny said starting off softly then ending up yelling in my ear.
"WHAT" I yelled back angrily.
He back away slowly in fear of what I would do.
I shook my head as to get rid of the anger inside of me and immediately apologised to Danny who was now in a corner worried about what I could do what I would do to him.
"I just wanted to say that maybe you should go and see if Dougie's okay" he said with a shudder.
"Okay" I said softly and with that I walked down the streets and headed for the hospital tent.


She walked into the tent, saw me and then looked at the floor.
She walked past me without even looking up and sat down beside Dougie and started to talk to him this wasn't unusual for her she always did.
But this time it was like she was hiding something but then I remembered the whole Dougie thing and walked over to her.


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