The McFly boys the busted boys and Jynix now live in America when the zombie appocolipse invade there forced to make a base and fight off the goverment as they do not want to leave America Jynix and the boys are faced with impossible fissions will they surprise the zombie invasion...


1. Team Jynix

Chapter 1: 

Jynix's POV: 

"Run Dougie" I shouted to him as he was behind me.
" How close are they" asked Dougie sounding a bit   concerned as we were running.
"Pretty close " I shouted in reply.
 A blood covered arm swung out and hit Dougie on the head, he was on the ground in seconds. I stopped pulled out my bow and shot the foul beast that had hit him. There was more still coming but I didn't care he was my boyfriend and I wasn't go to let him die.
I ran to him and put him on my shoulders (I may be a girl but I was the stronger one of us two) and started to run.
With him still on my shoulders I made it to base, I then got trough the gates and walked towards the medic room where Harry Judd worked. Harry wasn't anywhere in site but I didn't care he was going to get in here now I had an unconscious guy on my shoulder
 "Harry Judd get your ass in here now" I yelled to him.
Then I heard a grunt coming from the hiding place that we had built.
If the zombies ever made it into base Harry could hide in there. 
Harry with his torn hoddie from battle ( he was one of the Jynix he had our signature sign of the J on his hoddie's sleeve) Walked out
"What do you want" he asked sounding very annoyed at me because I called him through here.
he must of been sleeping because the only reason he gets annoyed with us is if we wake him up 
"Dougie's unconscious" I said in reply
" why, what happened" Harry asked sounding nervous 
"Umm umm" I said I didn't want Harry to find out that we went out to find food but the zombies were everywhere and that the zombie hit him on the head and I almost got us both killed by trying to save him.
"Jynix tell how this happens now!!!" Harry said I realised he was getting inpatient and when he gets inpatient things don't go well.
" don't blame me but we went out to find more supplies but the zombies they were every where we couldn't get any the zombies chased us out of the nearest supplement area  and he was behind me and the zombies hit him on the head I shot most of them off but there was too many of them"I said stopping to take a breath by now I was in tears on the floor Harry crouched down beside me to comfort me " they kept coming I ran back only realising that I could of got my self killed once I made it to him but by then I didn't care I put him on my shoulders and carried him back here and brought him straight to you" I saw that he was about to chew me out about going out to look for supplies but I guess he saw how upset I was with myself about doing this already. "it's alright you did the right thing about trying to save him if we're to win this we need all the help we can get" said Harry kindly I always liked talking to Harry because he was always so gentle but I didn't trust him with secrets no that was Danny's job witch then put a point in my head where was Danny I got up and then walked out of the room looking for him...

Harry's POV: 

She looked pretty upset I didn't want to make things worse I was mad at her for going out to look for supplies with out telling anyone and a proper squad team with them but after what she's been through she deserves to bet let off once in a while I mean it's a huge job beenimg leader with a whole team looking up to you and some times it drives you to do crazy things just to get away from all your responsibilities witch is what probably happened I wounded where she's gone. probably gone off to look for Danny the only one she trusts with her secrets apart from Dougie then there was groan from behind me I ran to the weapons area and grabbed my axe and ran back to the hospital area there was nothing there apart from Dougie who was now sitting up on the bed I walked over to him to ask if he was okay all he could say was "ahh my head" I told him the funny news about how I thought he was a zombie he laughed for a little while before complaining that his head hurt I told him to lie down and take a rest before trying anything and he did exactly that.

Dougies POV:

Ahh my head really hurts but I have no idea  what happened "Harry what happened all I can remember is running with  Jynix and something hit me and that's about it but how the hell did  I end up here back at base" I asked suspiciously 
"Umm well a zombie hit you on the head..." Started Harry.
Harry then explained everything to me and I was quite embarrassed that my girlfriend who is younger than me is stronger than me, Mind you she does spend most of her time in our gym lifting weights so that she can defeat the zombies.

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