Nothing will be the same

I stare at my reflection in the windshield. I can see where the tears streaked my face. Who am i? Im nobody. Im just an ugly bitch and i dont deserve him. I rest my elbows on my lap and bury my face in my hands. What have i done. I sit there and sob for a moment. When i look back at my reflection i notice that my mascara was completely ruined. At that moment i realized nothing will be the same.


4. How we met...again

*at the little bar* 

It was a fair size for a local bar. The place was called Tipsy. To be honest, the name scared me. I really didn't want to get drunk and not be able to drive home. It was a cute little brick bar. It wasn't innocent looking but it wasn't motorcycle gang either. The side of the building was my favorite feature. Each brick had a name printed in sharpie. Some were plain and simple, but others went all out and made little designs out of their names. I had to admit it was pretty cool. I pushed the doors open and immediately knew i was gonna have a hard time staying sober. The menu was huge! I could have sworn there were hundreds of drinks! 

The smell of alcohol, cigarette smoke, and grease smacked me in the face. I choked a bit, but once i got used to it I kinda liked it. There were a couple people on a stage singing karaoke. TVs were in all the crooks and corners. Pictures,t-shirts, and random junk lined the walls. It reminded me of an Applebee's restaurant. I climbed onto one of the bar stools and looked through everything. My black skin tight jeans were starting to ride up on my legs and I felt like they weren't such a good idea anymore.

"What can I get you?" A woman behind the counter asked me. She was pale and tattoos covered her arms. 

"Um, I think that I'm gonna start off with just a soda," I said still staring at all the selections. She gave me a funny look.

"Oh c'mon," She said with a smile. She was tempting me, but i wasn't gonna let just anybody persuade me to buy something I didn't need. 

"Give me one reason I should buy that tequila up there," I smiled, pointing towards a yummy looking picture of alcohol. Her name tag said Darcy. 

"I like you! Whats your name?" Darcy asked, already starting to get my drink ready. 

"Meagan, but you can call me Megs. Also, don't get your hopes up, I'm not easy to convince, Darcy," I tried to say in a snarky tone and just ended up sounding like an idiot. Darcy laughed. 

"You can't live forever," She temptingly shook the drink. Damn! Thats hard to argue with! 

"Ok, you got me. Gimme that!" I said as she handed me the drink. I took one sip and found that i couldn't stop. It was delicious! Darcy started chatting me up. I told her about my first time drinking in ninth grade and my first time doing weed in eighth. I told her about my old town and how it was ghetto and you could practically find a pipe in everyones home. I showed her my tattoos and told her what they all meant. She also said somethings about herself, like how she is going to the same college as me and that she grew up in the ghetto too. 

By the time ten o'clock rolled in we were practically told our whole life stories. At this time I was finishing off my third drink of the night and I was insanely drunk. On the bright side, ten was when Darcy got off work so we decided to play some darts. The music was putting the whole bar in a mood. A really good mood. Darcy got a couple of regulars to join us. It felt great to loosen up and just have fun. The alcohol had such a positive affect on me. I was pretty much in hysterics. Darcy and her friends, Angus and Lucy, (the ones who joined us) were laughing at all my jokes and just plain out good company!

I was really believing they called this place Tipsy. I held a few darts in my hand when I craved another drink. I was making my way over to my stool when I tripped, chucking the four darts I was holding. I tried to put my hands out to break my fall, failing to do so, I bashed my chin on the hard, tile floor. Darcy ran over to someone and asked if they were all right. What the hell was she doing? I was the injured one! I groaned a bit as Angus helped me to my feet. I rubbed my chin staring as a huge crowd gathered around Darcy and "The other injured one". 

"What did I do?" I asked, continuing to rub my chin. 

"When you fell, you let go of the darts and they were about an inch 
from taking someones eyes out!" Lucy explained. Man! How many people in one week are you gonna scare to death Meagan!? 

"Whose eyes did i almost take out?" I asked, my head was pounding. 

I'm not sure, but you probably owe them an apology," Lucy said. Ugh. She was right.

I started shoving people out of my way only to find a scene I didn't want to be a part of. Now my head was really pounding. I just couldn't believe that I almost ran someone over yesterday, only to practically make their eyes in to a shish-ka-bob. Once again I was standing in front of Liam. I tried pinching myself, hoping that this was all just a dream. Sadly, you can't escape reality. Darcy was trying to apologize for my clumsiness, though Liam was paying no attention. 

"Not again!" I speak up. Darcy stopped and looked at me. Liam smirked for a split second. Darcy glanced back and forth between Liam and me. The crowd figuring the boy was fine, went back to the what they were doing. Darcy also had to fill in for somebody. And almost like in my dream, it felt as if it was just me and Liam. The guilt of my accidents was overwhelming, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, its just that -" 

He put his hand on my shoulder as if to steady me. I stopped, but only for a second before blabbering about how sorry I was again.

"Stop!" He said, squeezing my shoulder, "I have one question."

I raised an eyebrow. A question!? What is going on! I started pinching myself again. 

"Are you trying to kill me?" He laughed. His laugh sent a wave of relief over me. I stuttered a pathetic no. He laughed again. My head was killing me. 

"Whats wrong?" He asked, his hand still on my shoulder. I lifted my head and showed him the scraped bruise on my chin. I also told him that I was drunk as fuck. He dragged me over to a booth that seated to other guys. 

"Here, sit," He sat me next to Niall and slid into the seat across from me, which also held Louis. I leaned my head back, suddenly feeling more tired rather than pain. Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have let Darcy get to me. I set my phone down on the table. The boys were mumbling about me.

"Isn't she the girl from yesterday?" Niall whispered, or at least tried to. My eyes slid shut. The smell of grease kept getting stronger, causing my stomach to flip. I groaned a tad. Opening my eyes, I noticed the boys staring at me. 

"Can I help you?" I asked, oozing with sarcasm. Louis smirked, stirring his drink with his straw. Niall blinked a few times and went back to his fish and chips. Liam was doing something on his phone. I closed my eyes again, attempting to relax. The pain started to ease the closer I got to falling asleep. My head found its way to Niall's shoulder eventually. I heard him make a grunt sound, hinting to me that he was uncomfortable. Smiling with my eyes closed, i wrapped my arms around Niall's. Louis and Liam chuckled. It was the last thing i heard before dozing off. 

*an hour and a half later* 

My head was aching intensely. I was starving, shaking, and freezing. Apparently my batman hoodie wasn't enough. Groaning, I sat up straight. I must've settled down on Niall's lap. He was sitting there, using his phone. The others were gone.

"Morning sunshine!" Niall said without looking up. I ran my fingers through my hair. Morning? How long was i out?

"Is it really morning?" I asked. He smiled, "Course not! You were only out for an hour or so." 

"Ugh!" I tilt my head back. Niall stroked my hair and I gave him a strange look. 

"Sorry, I'm not very good at comforting drunk people," He shrugged his shoulders. I try to fix my hair and grab my phone. I felt in my pocket for my keys. Um... where were they! Meagan, if you lost your keys, I swear! 

"Where are my keys?" I asked Niall, hoping he had them. He shrugged. 
Resting my head in my hands, I think about where they could be. Ugh, "Niall? Where are Liam and Louis?" 

"I think Lou went to get a drink and Liam went to the bathroom," He was looking at something outside. I scuffed up his hair, "Thanks Niall!" 

First stop, the main counter. Liam best hope Louis has my keys. Walking towards my original seat, I notice Louis sitting a couple seats over. 

"Lou? Is it ok if i call you that?" I ask him. He nodded, sipping on a beer. 

"Do you know where my keys might be?" I begged, picking at the little jewels on my phone case. He shook his head and put down the beer, "Liam took them so that you wouldn't be able to drive because your drunk."

Thanking him, i skipped off to the men's bathroom. I busted through the door showing no hesitation. Piss and a soapy smell filled the air. Liam was right there using a urinal. 

"Gimme my keys boy!" I demanded. Liam looked at me and quickly put his dick away. I couldn't help but giggle. He rushed over to the sink and all the other men sat and stared. 

"Take a picture it will last longer!" I said posing. The men smiled at me. Liam backed me up towards the wall, "What the hell are you doing?" 

I giggled. Damn, I'm still drunk! I'm gonna have a killer hangover. The puppy dog eyes always work. I gave Liam a pouty face. When his expression didn't budge, I decided to be demanding. 

"My keys!" I raised my voice. His face said it all. It was telling me that I was to drunk to drive and I wasn't getting my keys back. His face also said that it was to sexy for his shirt. I started giggling and starting yanking at his hoodie. 

"What are you doing?" He said pulling me out of the bathroom. I didn't know what to say. 

"Are you cold?" Liam pulled off his hoodie and yanked it over my head. For a slight second I saw a tiny bit of his muscular stomach. The jacket was huge on me! I fluttered my eyelashes, "Can I go home?"

"Fine, where do you live?" He asked, heading back to the table. I went over to Lou and grabbed his hand, "Liam is leaving." 

We all met at the entrance. Thats when I noticed all the cameras flashing. Those are what Niall was staring at. They all asked if I was ready and I said yes. Lou intertwined our fingers and Niall grabbed me around the waist. Liam pushed open the doors and we were off.

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