Nothing will be the same

I stare at my reflection in the windshield. I can see where the tears streaked my face. Who am i? Im nobody. Im just an ugly bitch and i dont deserve him. I rest my elbows on my lap and bury my face in my hands. What have i done. I sit there and sob for a moment. When i look back at my reflection i notice that my mascara was completely ruined. At that moment i realized nothing will be the same.


6. How we got to one another (part 2 of 3)

I quickly threw on a pair of tribal print leggings. I zipped up my black Love Pink jacket and slipped my feet into my favorite sandals. I also redid my makeup before heading out to go find the boys. As i walk down the hallway towards the stairs, I add Lou and Niall's number to my phone. 

I was just finishing off Lou's contact info when i bumped into someone by the stairs. They stumbled a bit and slipped on the steps. They tumbled down like a slinky. When they reached the bottom they let out a large grunt. I raced down the stairs and kneeled down, only to find a familiar face. 

Less surprising every time, it was Liam. 

"God dammit! What is wrong with me this week!?" I said, resting my hands on his forearm. He let out a half hearted laugh. I asked him if he was alright. I laughed when he said that it was gonna hurt in the morning. He used his arms as a pillow. He seemed fine to me. Liam glanced at my hands. They were still just sitting on his arm. 

"Oh, uh, sorry," I smirked pulling my hands away. He smiled. To me, i think he was just relaxing now. Wait, what about my Starbucks? I stood up and put out my hand to help him up. 

"What?" Liam just sat there. I explained that Harry was waiting for us in the rain. He grabbed my hand, making me think he was getting up, until he pulled me down next to him. Or at least he tried to pull me next to him. I fell, landing on his chest. 

"Oofta," I said in some gibberish language. He laughed at me. 

"Well hello there," I smiled, only inches from his face. How was this less awkward than when we met. Being this close I noticed every feature. I noticed his lip twitch when his mouth curved into a half smile. His arms were no longer underneath him, they were on my hips. 

"I still think we should get going," I flicked his forehead. 

"Whoa! Am I interrupting something!" Harry stepped into the scene with the biggest smirk on his face. I laughed as Harry helped me up. Liam stood up too, "She was all over me! I tried to tell her that i was taken but she just pounced at me!" 

Harry and Liam laughed at the sarcastic joke. Taken? What? Who? Why am i jealous anyways, its not like i was planning on dating him. Sometimes I annoyed the shit out of myself. 'I could get a boyfriend if I wanted to' I thought to myself. Is it sad if I can hear the sarcasm in my mind? I could though. 

There was one thing I really cared about but had to give up before moving out here. Tanner. I fell in love with him in sixth grade. I just couldn't get over his dimples and bad boy attitude. I tried to stop liking him in eighth grade, didn't work. I couldn't help but say yes when he finally asked me out in eleventh grade. We were one of those on-off couples. But senior year came and we didn't break up once. The disappointed look he made when I told him i was moving to London still haunts me. 

"Meagan? Are you ok?" Harry's voice filled my head. 

"Huh. Wha?" I said, confused. When did we get on the first floor? Liam held the front door open. The cold air wrapped around my body making me shiver. The breeze went right through my leggings. My god it was freezing. The rain wasn't that bad though, thankfully. I stepped outside. I looked behind me, noticing that Harry was looking me up and down. 

"Do you need something?" I stopped. Liam whispered something in Harry's ear causing him to laugh and then wandered towards the parking lot. 

"You look good," He glanced at my legs, "But every time I see you, your wearing stuff like that." 

"Leggings? We've only seen each other twice," We walked towards a car with tinted windows, "Leggings are my fav! I have a lot too!"

"Good! They fit you nice," I whacked him in the chest and laughed. 

"Well if you have an ass, don't cover it, embrace it!" He winked and my face felt like it turned bright red. I know it was probably only slightly pink. For some reason according to my friends back home, I don't blush. 

Liam hopped into the driver seat, which really annoyed me that it wasn't on the left side. 

"Shotgun!" I shouted, racing over to the passenger seat. Harry sat in the back, leaning forward and resting his arms on both of the front seats. I heard the engine of the car start. I curled up in my seat, letting the heater's hot air blow on me. I decided to check twitter again. The car didn't move like i expected it to. I looked up from my phone, "Are we gonna go?" 

"Are you gonna put on your seatbelt?" Liam asked, making me look at the seatbelt behind me. I usually don't wear my seatbelt. I did occasionally for the hell of it, but it was never really a big deal to me. 

"Oh..." I fastened myself in anyways. 

Once we started moving the boys could not stop talking. I occasionally butted in every once in a while. 

"How far is this place anyways?" I said looking through the window. 

"About twenty minutes," Harry said. I continued to scroll through the many tweets i was getting. Harry glanced at my phone, "Whatcha doing there?" 

"Nothing," I thoughtlessly answered. 

Harry barely reached past my seat and grabbed the phone from my hands. 

"Hey! Gimme that back!" I squealed, unbuckling and playfully lunging myself into the back seat. 

"You guys!" Liam said as i kicked him in the head on my way back, "Knock it off!" 

"Sure thing, Dad," I sit on top of Harry trying to grab my phone. Harry made a squeaky sound as an attempt to laugh.

"Am i really that fat?" I laugh because I'm the tiniest nineteen year old ever! Liam snickered. 

"Can you guys even handle the coffee?" Liam joked about our hyper/playfulness. I finally ripped my phone from Harry's grip just as we pulled up in the parking lot. Seeing the little shop made me feel at home. I pushed the door of the car open. The breeze instantly gave me goosebumps. Excited, I hopped out of the car... landing in a puddle... with my sandals. 

"Well fuck you too!" I pointed at the puddle. The freezing air on my wet feet was awful. I jumped around for a moment before running into the store. The smell of coffee beans wafted around my nose. I felt like i was home, with my friends, in our favorite store. I could almost here Alyssa and Jamie laugh at me because they always ordered coffee and I stuck with a refresher. 'You never know! What if my body decides its not done growing, I wouldn't wanna ruin my chances of being average height!' I would laugh at them. This Starbucks was designed differently. Probably because this was an actual store, not just a stand in the middle of a grocery store. 

Oh how I missed home. 

"What do you want?" Liam asks as he guides me to table in the back near a corner. What if they laugh at me too? 

"Um, just a berry refresher, I think," I have a seat. He sat down across from me. Where was Harry and what was he doing? 

"Ive never had berry, is it any good?" He asked me, his face full of curiosity. 

"Yeah, actually I don't drink coffee," I  watched as the rain fell to the ground outside. 

"Why didn't you say anything? We could have went for lunch or something."

"No no, this is one of my favorite places to be."

He sighed, relieved. I laugh at him. 

"Good, because I wouldn't want to ruin our first impressions!" He smiled brightly. First? Im pretty sure we already made our first impressions when i almost ran him over. And second impressions when I almost made him blind. And thirds just after i knocked him down the stairs. How does he not hate me?!

"First?" Curiosity got the best of me. 

"I wanted to forget those times. You know pretend it never happened. Its nice to meet you, I'm Liam. Treat me as if I was just your average 20 year old," He stuck his hand out and I shook it with a minimum of giggles, "It's a pleasure to meet you Liam. I'm Meagan, but you can call me Megs. And I am your average 19 year old... you know, minus my height!" 

We both burst into laughter and Harry finally sits down. 

"What did i miss?" Harry asks, "Have you guys decided yet? I can go order if you have."

"I'm gonna have a very berry refresher," I said but heard another voice. I looked at Liam and he smiled at me. The rain slowly continued to fall. I would love to actually go and do something with them instead of hangout in a Starbuck's all day. But god hates me and makes it rain all the god damn time. 

"Oh, twinning i see," Harry laughed, "I'll be right back." 

I smiled at him as he left. I wish I knew what to say to Liam, but I honestly didn't. I was really curious about his "girlfriend", but I wouldn't want to make it awkward. What should I say? Why am I so nervous? 'Don't let his fame get to you, pretend he's just another normal guy' I tell myself. I glance over and he is on his phone. Yeah, a normal guy with millions of people that want to ride him. How did this happen? How was I lucky enough to meet him, or even luckier for me, I met all of them. For free! 'Meagan, this is it, you can't hang around these guys. You can't be friends with them, it will only bring you hate. And I'm pretty sure you cant handle hate, remember when you pretended to be ok when everyone called you an ugly lesbian in 7th grade, but you actually went home and cried because it never got better' I cringed at the memory. My brain was right, I wouldn't be able to handle the hate I would get. I promise myself to stay away from them after this. 

"Here you go," Harry sat my order down in front of me and sat down. I thank him and sip the watered down fruit. Harry places milk chocolaty colored drink in front of him. I had to admit it looked pretty good. Liam didn't even acknowledge that his drink was here and just continued on his phone. I wondered what he was doing. He looked up and noticed me staring. I felt my face flush and looked out the window again. 

"What do you say when the person your trying to talk to isn't screaming their heart out or sobbing?" Liam said grabbing the cup. He smiles at me. 

"Well, first off, I like to get the basics covered. Whats your favorite color?" I leaned back in my seat. 

"Mine's light blue," Harry said pointing to the blue t-shirt he was wearing. 

"Purple," Liam picked at the paint on the table. Is he bored?

"Green. What about favorite food?" I take another sip. 

"Chocolate, no doubt!" Liam perked up. 

"I don't have one." Harry responded.

"Crepes," I ask, my stomach rumbling at the thought of the delicious cream in the thin pancake like wrapping, draped in strawberries. I look at Harry, "Oh guess what! You found a new packers buddy. Go Green Bay!" 

"We should play truth or dare," Liam suggested. I nod in agreement and Harry started us off.

"Ok, Meagan, truth or dare?" 

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