Nothing will be the same

I stare at my reflection in the windshield. I can see where the tears streaked my face. Who am i? Im nobody. Im just an ugly bitch and i dont deserve him. I rest my elbows on my lap and bury my face in my hands. What have i done. I sit there and sob for a moment. When i look back at my reflection i notice that my mascara was completely ruined. At that moment i realized nothing will be the same.


7. How we got to know one another (part 3)

Of course he would pick me. I want to pick dare, but I barely know these guys. Butterflies flew around in my stomach. My mind still couldn't wrap around the fact that I was here with these two incredibly famous guys. It was hard to process, to absorb, to take in, to -

"Meagan? Are you there?" Liam waved his hand in front of my face. I snapped back to reality, debating whether to pick truth or dare. This game was much harder than I remembered. 

"Only because your making it harder," Realizing I said it aloud, I immediately cover my mouth and giggle in attempt to cover my embarrassment. They looked a little confused but laughed anyways. 

"Truth," I say without thinking. Truth!? Really?! I probably sounded like a wimp. But if I picked dare, what would have happened? He looks a little shocked at my decision. I wasn't sure why, did i put off that daring type vibe? I mean i have tattoos, a nose piercing, and maybe a belly button piercing, and the underneath of my hair was red and blue. Honestly a nose piercing wasn't that bad, I've always died my hair, it was only underneath after all, and i only had a few fairly small tattoos. Harry hasn't even seen my tats anyways! 

"Is it true that... that you have a tattoo of a group of tiny birds flying above your waistband?" Oh damn! He has seen them, I forgot that he walked in on me earlier. I placed my hand on my right hip, just the place he described. I had that exact tattoo. Seven birds flying, right above my waistband. Each bird was based on a family member, I was the third bird for being the third oldest, each bird was the slightest bit smaller than the next. 

"Yeah, actually it is true," I bring the refresher to my mouth avoiding eye contact, "Um, Liam, truth or dare?"

I hated coming up with questions and dares. Its annoying! Usually i just come up with quick, stupid stuff like 'I dare you to ask him/her out and if she/he says yes yell "To bad"' I felt his gaze but refused to look. The butterflies in my stomach felt more like moths now, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. Why am I so nervous? It just didn't make any sense to me...


I sighed in relief. I didn't think of a dare anyways. 

"Is it true your taken?" The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could take them back. I mentally slapped myself. 'Why Megs? Why?' Sometimes I wish my self conscious would shut up. 

"Of all questions, why that one?" He looked at me and I couldn't help but notice his beautiful brown eyes. 

"I... I just, just was curious..." I stuttered. Multiple invisible hand prints from mental slaps later, Liam huffed. Was he gonna answer? I'm not going to throw a fit if he didn't, I just wanted to know, I was curious. I looked back out at the puddles forming, assuming we weren't playing anymore. 

"Its true," Liam spoke up, staring at me. He really wasn't kidding earlier? The butterflies, sorry, the moths grew. A little part of me wished he had been. I watched as he peeled the lid off of the cup and chugged the rest. I watched as he threw his head backwards and his veins wiggled around beneath his skin. I blinked a few times before reality kicked me in the ass. 

"Am I aloud to ask who the lucky girl is?" I wink. Harry was on his phone now, obviously he didn't care what was going on in the game if he wasn't involved. 

"Sophia Smith," He smiled at the name. I kinda felt bad because I just don't like her. I mean I've never met her in person but she gives me this feeling, and I just don't like her. I nod as if I was interested. 

"Truth or dare is no fun with only three people," I sigh, causing Harry to look up from what looked like Twitter. 

"Thank gosh someone said it!" He laughed. His laugh was so so, I don't even know how to explain it. It was almost music to my ears. Actually I used to play truth or dare all the time when I went to high school. I played at parties, at grocery stores, and with my friends. Its my favorite game. Usually it was with only three people. But someone was always dared to kiss someone or dry hump something. I caught myself fantasizing about me and my friends playing the scandalous game with these boys. 

I finished off the last of my berry flavored drink as we all told each other about ourselves. It was nice. We all laughed and it felt as if we were old friends reuniting. They told me about their families and more than i could imagine. Then again I told them the exact same things back. I told them that I was starting college in four days, not counting today. 

"Oh really? Thats great!" Harry congratulated. He gave me a hard high five, making my hand instantly turn red. I shake it off, literally. The sound of the rain hitting the window formed into a soothing pattern. We had been there for what felt like days, but in reality it was only a few hours. I was enjoying myself, something I never thought i could do with someone as famous as Liam Payne and Harry Styles. After another hour of talking it was finally time to call it a day. We hopped into the car (shotgun!) and they drove me home. 

*at the apartment building* 

I unlocked the door and stood in the doorway. They stood side by side in front of me. They were so tall compared to my 5'3 height. 

"I had a good time today!" Harry said. 

"Me too! We should definatly do this again sometime!" I spoke up, surprising myself. Remember Megs, this can't turn into a daily thing. 

"Yeah we should! Well see ya around!" Liam said waving goodbye as they headed sown the hall. I couldn't help myself but look them up and down as they left. I liked those tight jean Harry wore. 


The next two days were the same. Go to sleep, wake up, eat, tv, text Lou, Harry, and Alyssa, eat again and repeat. Minus the texting Harry and Lou, this was the first two weeks here before I met them. 

*texting Louis* 

[ HEYYY BOYO ] I texted. 

{ boyo? } Louis asked. 

[ It's boy but with Yo added to the end, BOYO!!! ]

{ lmao! Anyways whats up (: }

[ Nm, u? ]

{ Well me, zayn, and his girlfriend perrie are going to Tipsy's tomorrow just for a break from fame. Since your our only fan that isnt insane, maybe you would like to come? (: } 

How did he not know that I knew Perrie was Zayn's girlfriend. 

[ sounds fun!!! When should I be there??? ]

{ 8:00 } 

[ kk see ya then ;) ] 

Did I just agree to getting drunk again!? 

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