Nothing will be the same

I stare at my reflection in the windshield. I can see where the tears streaked my face. Who am i? Im nobody. Im just an ugly bitch and i dont deserve him. I rest my elbows on my lap and bury my face in my hands. What have i done. I sit there and sob for a moment. When i look back at my reflection i notice that my mascara was completely ruined. At that moment i realized nothing will be the same.


10. How i ruined my college expeirience (part 2)

Perrie clung to my arm, guiding me to the bathroom. I continued toppling over my own feet. Perrie didn't slow down though, she just kept going. What was the rush? Then I remembered I had to pee like a mofo. I oh so badly wish i could run, but of course, im drunk as hell. I bumped into a few people as my vision blured. I was relieved to see the bathroom. 

Shoving the door open, I run into an ugly blue stall. Luckily no one was in the bathroom besides Perrie. 

"So what was that all about?" I saw her shadow pace around. What about what what? 

"What do you mean?" I slurred. 

"The way you drank four drinks so suddenly. What happened back there?" She was right. I drank the amount of four glasses of alcohol.

I... I honestly don't know what overcame me. Like the first drink was ok, but when i kept going... I guess I got a little out if control," I walked over to the sink. The ice cold water felt really good on my hands. 

"Well what rushed you to finish the first one?" 

"Well theres a lot of reasons..." I dried my hands as Perrie touched up her makeup. 

"Like..." She made a funny face as she messed with her eyelashes. 

"Well, I don't like my face, my clothes, or my personality. I also had to break up with my boyfriend before I left," I swung on one of the stall doors. She turned around. 

"You shouldn't let a break up control your life! Your beautiful, young, and I'm sure you have a great personality!" She put her hands on her hips. Her sweet advice compliment thingy was a bit harsh. But whatever. Why listen if I wasn't gonna remember half of what she said in the morning. She pulled me over to the sink, bringing me back to reality. 

When I looked in the mirror I understood what she meant by 'get you cleaned up'. My eyeliner was smeared from messing with eyes so much. I had a red ring wrapping around my cheeks from the hard glass cup. Am i aloud to ask how some of Perrie's milkshake ended up on my shirt. My hair was flying out everywhere. Hmm

"Uhhh... How?" I pointed to the pink blob resting on my chest. Perrie giggled, grabbing a paper towel. 

"The world may never know!" She chuckled, handing me more paper towels. I dabbed at the mess. How did this always happen? When I finally gave up on the stain I checked the time. 

Its only 9:34.

Its early but I should go. Im covered in sticky goodness, I'm hella drunk, and I just want to go to sleep. Perrie was messing with her hair when I finally told her that I should go. 

"What? Don't go! You can still have fun when your drunk," 

"Well duh! But that doesn't help the fact that I have this crap all over my shirt. Lets just face it, I probably should go," She frowned. She looked from the large mirror to my clothing and back to the mirror. Please don't give me your shirt. 

"Here come with me," She rushed out of the bathroom. Ok then. I took a few steps before tumbling over and landing on the - sticky? - floor. Eew. Perrie walked back into the bathroom, "Aren't you com - oh pffft!"

She grabbed my arm, still laughing, and dragged me to the parking lot. My legs felt like jello. You could still see the sun setting off in the distance. I shivered a bit as she brought me up to an unfamiliar mini van. It was graffitied with tinted windows. She popped open the truck and pulled out a loose tank top. It was a lilac purple color that I really liked. She held it out for me, "Here take this. You can have it,"

I shrugged taking it and fearlessly pulled my shirt off, 

"What are you doing!" Perrie flipped. I quickly forced the tank top over my head. She looked me up and down while I just stood there a bit confused. She messed with the shirt for a minute then she said it was time to back in. I tripped a few times but Perrie's grip didn't get any lighter. 

When we got back to the table, I got some funny looks from them. 

"Thats a nice rack you have there!" Louis joked. I attempted to whack his shoulder but ended up petting his arm. He totally ignored me and just quietly talked to Eleanor. 

"Whose up for darts?" Zayn asked, scooting out of the booth. 

"Me me me!" Can i play please play?!" I jump and down. Whoaaa i can feel the alcohol swish around inside of me. I started spinning and giggling. Perrie stopped my spinning and giggling by grabbing my arm, "Thats probably not the best idea, hun."


"No, last time you played darts somebody almost lost their eyes!" Louis exclaimed. I made a pouty face. 

"Please! Pretty please! Pleeeeaaase!" I pleased as Louis kept telling me that I couldn't play. 

"C'mon just let her play," Zayn said, heading over to a dart board.

"Fine you can play. But as soon as i sense danger, your done." 

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