Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


9. My Journal (9)

For the past two days I have been ignored by everyone. Including Liam. I felt so alone. I was so close to having a slightly better year with Liam being my friend. But I blew it all away.

It was the end of Wenesday. And I made my way to my locker. I was almost done when I heard someone say in a thick british accent.

"Walk home with us" A smug Zayn said as he opened his locker looking directly at me. He was joined with Harry.

"No way in hell" I hissed.

"Come on" Zayn asked giving me a fake smile.

"Why?" I snapped.

"Just cause" Harry smiled politely looking annoyed.

"Nope" I said as I grabbed my bag and started walking to the main staircase.

I was walking home and I looked behind me. The five of them were there. Including Liam.

"Seriously leave me alone" I yelled.

"No!" Harry shouted.

"You guys dont even know me at all! So why do you hate me so much you have no reason to!" I yelled.

I took a few steps backwards. We were in a backalley.

"Why do we hate you? We dont hate you? We just like screwing around with ya" Louis said smiling innocently. Yeah right.

"Hmm. Spreading lies, hitting me, turning Liam against me. Sure sounds like you guys hate me" I objected. My face started to tense up I was getting really angry.

"They didn't have to turn me against you. I thought we were friends and I thought you liked me and then you went and had sex with strangers. I would have found out anyways" Liam pouted looking angry at me.

What a complete idiot.

I did have feelings for Liam. Allthough I met him not too long ago. He seemed perfect. Until now ofcorse.

"Screw off." I said rolling my eyes at Liam.

"So what should we do?" Zayn said as a smirk grew on his face.

I gave them a frightened look. I was trying to look strong and not scared. But I have to face it, I was.

Niall walked a bit away from us, watching this go down from a few metres away with his arms crossed.

"Lets have a little fun" Harry said abnoxiously.

"You know what, Im sick of this. I'm going to tell my parents, or the principle, or even the police!" I yelled.

"No you wont" Louis said looking shocked.

"She wont. You know why? Because first of all no body would believe you, I dont know if you noticed but we got quite the rep around here. And all the adults think we are nice boys. And second of all if you dare even think about telling on us. We will make your life a living hell Maddie" Harry said inches away from my face.

His hot breath was clouding my face.

"Maybe I will" I mumbled looking at the ground.

Harry grabbed my arm. Tightly. Louis grabbed the other one.

They pulled me behind a moving truck and the other boys quickly followed, Liam still saying nothing.

"Uh guys" Liam said.

"Dont worry Liam, this is fun" Harry said patting him on the shoulders.

There was a small space where we stood. Harry and Louis still grabbing on to my upper and lower arms with full strength.

In my mind. My whole world was breaking piece by piece. Everything is. I dont know what to think of anything anymore. Im lost.

But I sure as hell couldn't let them know about that.

"Aweh thats as strong as you are? Thought you'd be more tough" I said sarcasticaly.

"Smart ass" Harry said under his breath, and with that they held even tighter. Almost breaking my arms off.

"Shit" I whispered.

This was all seeming a little too ridiculous for me. And I started chuckeling to myself.

"What the hell?" Zayn asked with a wtf look.

"Its just, you guys actually think you can do this without getting any karma, or consequences. You think everybody likes you, heads up! They dont. You guys think your top stuff but in reality you aren't your all just pathetic" I stated a little to confidentaly.

"Love, we are top stuff. We're awesome." Louis laughed, then went back into serious mode.

And in that moment, as Zayn was moving closer and closer and closer to me, only inches away. I kicked him in the balls. It happened so fast. Louis and harry jumped to his defence as he fell to his knee's looking like he was crying.

I ran. I ran as fast as I could not looking back. I made a few turns so they couldnt catch up or know where I was going. Please, I didn't even know where I was going. I am sweaty and Im panting way to hard. My body is aching and my chest is burning and I feel like dieing.

I found a big tree and sat down and resting. Panting away. I whiped the sweat off of my face, and went to go check my phone. Shit.

Something was missing. I looked around to see if my bag was here. It wasn't.

I obviously left it there, I mean I had any time to grab my bag before I made a run for it. My stomach dropped. And my heart started pumping fast. What if they had found it. All my secrets were in there. All my everything was in there.

My fightes with my parents I've been having with them for a long time, because, well we aren't the perfect family.

It has the rough times of when I fought bulimia. I never got completely anorexic, but I did get pretty thin. Im healthier now and all, but I still struggle with it

It has all my crushes, including Liam and the first day I met him.

It has the cigarrete problem with Louis,Zayn,and Harry the other day. And the fight with Liam.

And worst of all. It had the rape. I still dont like to call it that. It scares me. I still havent told anyone and I dont plan on doing it. No one can no. Especially not them. Maybe Im over reacting? Maybe they just hid it, or didn't even notice at all. I could be blowing this all out of perportion.

After a few more minutes of resting I hopped back onto my two feet and speed walked back to the alley. I peaked to see if anyone was there. No-one.

I tip toed down the rocky path. And made my way to the spot we were at.

My bag was there! It was clean still and was still neon green. It was sat by the fence perfectly fine, too perfect.

I went a bent down right away, tucking the hair behind my ear getting it out of my face.

My binder was there, my textbook was there, pencil case, and yes, my phone. But no journal. I am checking through all of the compartments but there was nothing. My stomach dropped again, heart pumping fast.

This cannot be happening.






I made my way to school this morning. I had to walk since she left early for work. It was pouring rain. Luckily I had a sweater with a hood, and my ipod and music to keep me company.

I took a deep breath before walking into school. My school was so big, so lonely, so bare, so creepy. I hate it.

It was way early. No body was here yet, besides a few teachers.

No one was at my locker, so I grabbed my stuff in piece. I walked to first period math class, and finished up some homework that I never did. I used to be a straight A student. So far things weren't looking so good.

The first bell rang. And kids started filling up the room. They all gave me bitchy faces including the guys. Then Liam entered the room. I tried not to stare, but its hard.

He took the seat next to mine. I wanted to move.

"We need to talk" He whispered as the teacher walked in with his coffee.

Niall came and sat next to Liam. Which made me even more mad.

After the lesson. He gave us our work.

I concentrated mainly on my work, until I was interrupted by Liam.

"Maddie, we read your diary" Liam said looking at me with guilt in his eyes. Niall instantly joined in.

Those are the words I didn't want to hear. The words I dreaded. The words I would rather die than hear.

"You little pricks" I hissed. "Give it to me now, now!" I whisper yelled.

"Im really sorry Maddie" a thick irish accent said. I looked down to see Niall apoligizing. What a loser.

"Harry has your journal" Liam said uncomfortably.

"Kill.Me.Now" I groaned. This really was happening wasn't it.

"This is all your fault Liam, if you would have let it go you'd still been my friend. And you could have got them to stop. You are such an idiot jeeze." I slurred my words.

Liam grabbed my hand looking at me in the eyes.

"I am so sorry about what happened to you at the party, and Im so sorry for what happened at the park the other day and for not believing you in the first place." Liam pleaded.

"Please lets not talk about it." I said looking the two dead in the eyes.

"We are going to have to do something about this, Zayn Harry and Lou have your journal and their intentions don't seem really good" Niall added looking at me with an attempting smile.

"You guys have done enough thank you" I said looking back down at my work. I tried to concentrate only on my work.

"I would really like to start over" Niall said giving me a smile.

"Me too, Maddie?" Liam asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Do we have to discuss this now?" I asked annoyed.

"I suppose I forgive you Liam. But I still dont want to be your friend. And uhm Im not sure about you Niall. You probably will just go a be a slave to those douches wont you?" I said cocky.

"No, I wont. They kind of make me sick anyways" He admitted.

"No kidding" I said rolling my eyes.

"Thanks guys it means alot." I admitted.

"We are going to have to talk about this." Liam said poking at my arm.

"Lunch?" I asked.

We didn't really talk much through out that whole class. But we all looked up when the other three boys with big smirks on their faces walked in.

"Where were you boys?" Mr.Farlen asked confused.

"Just taking care of some unfinished buisness" Harry said giving me a cocky smile.

As they walked past my desk I kept my head down staring at my work.

I looked back quickly and they all stared me down. Then all bursted into forced laughter.

"Mr.Farlen. May I be ecsused" I asked raising my hand.

"Why?" Mr.Farlen askes suspicously.

"I think I'm going to be sick" I said with my face turning green.

"Okay go" He simply implied shooing me out.

I quickly ran out of the classroom.

I ran down the hall to the bathroom stall. Nothing would come out. I guess I was just nervous and my stomach got weak. I got up opened the stall to see a girl standing there putting on some powder looking in the mirror.

I stood there akwardly through silence as I washed my hands. I looked at her and she looked perfect. But very fake.

"So you were raped?" She laughed.

What the hell?

"Where did you hear that?" I asked loudly.

"Zayn,Harry, and Louis showed me your journal. How pathetic are you. If you wanted to be popular, you didn't have to go a make up a story like that. Thats messed up." She scowelled.

"I didn't make up anything" I said.

"Oh god, I was at that party and I didn't even see you there!" She insisted.

"Yeah because two guys took me away!" I yelled back.

"Your just a slut that slept with two guys and you have no self respect." She hissed.

I was really starting to get angry now.

"Where do you even come up with this stuff?" I yelled.

"I told you. Harry,Zayn, and Louis" She replied.

I stared at her for a few seconds. She looked me up and down and fake smiled at me.

"Pathetic" she whispered.

I walked right over to her and grabbed her hair and smacked her in the face.

She looked up at me.

"You psyco bitch that hurt!" She cried.

Oh my god. What did I do. I never used to be this violent. I wasn't violent at all.

"Im so sorry." I tried to say.

"Save it. You are literally an excuse for a person. Kill yourself." She said whiping her tears. Before she left she fixed her hair.

What is happening to me?

I walked back to class.

As I sat down the boys were whispering to eachother and giving me dirty looks.

"You fucking told everyone you dickheads!" I screamed as I turned around.

They looked at me shocked. Jaws dropped.

"Maddie. Office now!" Mr.Farlen yelled.

"wait" I protested.

"Now!" He yelled.

The boys all put there head downs trying not to be noticed.

I grabbed my stuff and left slamming the door behind me.

I went and sat down outside the office with my arms crossed.

I remembered I had Liams number so I texted him:

Maddie: Hey, come down to the office a.s.a.p

Liam: Yeah okay. Hold on a few minutes.

I waited there patiently waiting for him. No one came. Then I seen a blonde Niall comming through the halls.

He took a seat next to me.

"Im in shit!" I ranted.

"Everything is going to be fine Maddie trust me. Louis and them are going to pay!" He said patting me on the back.

"I dont know" I said as I grabbed my head.

"I kind of hit a girl in the bathroom. She uh, she was bugging me and I snapped." I admitted feeling guilty.

"Oh my god. Who?" He quickly asked.

I tried remembering what she looked like.

"She had bleached hair with brown streaks. And uhm she was a tiny shorter than me. She had a nice bum haha. And blue eyes. And uhm a small nose. Normal size boobs, uhh I dont know..." I said.

"Shit. I think that might be Alice" Niall said shaking his head.

"Who?" I asked confused.

"Its this girl, Harry has been dating her for like 6 months." Niall said.

"what? Harry asked me out on a date the first day I met him?" I said blankly.

"Well I dont get Harry either" Niall siad shrugging his shoulders.

"Im screwed Im totally screwd. My life is shit now." I started to say. I wasn't going to cry. I've done more crying in the last week than I have my entire life. I just felt, nothing.

Niall moved closer and straight up hugged me. It was akward. But it was nice. I guess he wasn't so bad.

"Maddie" The principle announced implying me to come in. My stomach dropped straight to the floor. Speaking to the principle is something I hate doing. I get bad anxiety so when I speak I always sound suspicous.

Niall attempted to give me a half smile before I made my way in.

I didn't tell him. About anything. I told him that I was mistaken and was caught up in the moment. He was not impressed. He got extremely angry. I ended up getting 3 detentions.

As soon as I got out. It was almost lunch time. I had been in there a long time I guess.

When I got up to the third floor. I heard footsteps. I turned around and seen Liam running over to me.

"Oh my god Maddie" He said with relief as he hugged me tightly.

"What now?" I asked confused.

"I think I know who did it... at the party" He whispered in my ear.


I am so sorry guys. Please forgive me. I had writers block for the longest time. Anyways... I'll be updating tommorow or tonight. WHO DO YOU GUYS THINK DID IT?!? Also follow my twitter it means alot! :)









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