Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


14. Long winter days (14)

We stepped outside. Into the cold windy street, to find an angry looking Harry,Zayn, and Louis.

"You son of a bitch you told the cops!" Harry shouted. His eyes were noticeably green out here. He had so much rage in his eyes. I couldnt help but notice.

I could also notice his extremely pale skin. Then again I could notice that we are all pale. White. Ghosly. We all looked sick to be honest. The only one here that stood out was Zayn, who had some tan colour in him.

"I had to!" I yelled back. It was obvious I had to. I only have a while left in this town, but I'd rather enjoy it as much as possilble. And it would be easy if they were gone, for good.

"The cops came to my house. All day I was interigated by them!" He yelled which sounded like screaches.

Harry had a low voice. And it was scary when he yelled. When any of them yelled. But just cause' I was scared didn't mean that I couldnt scare them either.

I looked behind me to see a worried Liam. I gave him a reasurring look and he smiled at me with hope as his big brown eyes slightly widened.

"Me too!" Zayn yelled.

"They're gonna come for me next, just wait!" Louis added histerically. He was brushing his hand through his hair, non stop. I could tell he was scared.

"Well, what did you think was going to happen, honestly?" I asked trying to stay calm.

"Shit. I dont know. Not this." Zayn said.

Zayn bent down. His head in his hands. He looked up at me. His eyes were wet and red and all of us looked confused.

"We're going to jail! Im not going to get into Uni! Not that I ever was... I'm so sorry Maddi!" He chanted. Sorry? Sorry?!

Ofcorse he's sorry after he gets caught. What if I hadn't told? He'd still be a douche bag. But part of me believed him.

"Whatever." I said not letting any emotions reconisable.

I wrapped my jacket on, and pulled my hood over my head. I looked at Liam and Niall shaking my head in disbelief.

"Can you believe them?" I sighed.

Everything was going fast. As soon as I noticed the date on my phone it shocked me. It was decemeber. December 12th. These past weeks have been flying by quickly. I had been in this town for over a month. So much has happened. So much shit.

I knew deep inside me that I wanted to get this over with. I knew deep, deep, deep inside me that part of me wanted to just forgive them and we could all leave each other alone.

But I knew I couldnt.

As I walked home with Niall and Liam. I pulled out a cigarrete. I lit it. I inhaled it. I exhaled it. And I noticed the two of them staring.

"Problem?" I asked curiously.

"I just didn't know you started smoking is all" Niall said shrugging his shoulder.

"Well..." I started.

As we reached my house. I noticed my mom out front of my lawn with somebody.

It took me a while to figure out it was the police. I ran over there, as the boys stood in my tracks.

The police man was just leaving, he gave me an uneasy smile before hopping in his car and racing off.

"What happened?!" I asked furiously to my mother.

"We've been talking. Honey, your going to have to go to court. I've set up a meeting with a lawyer. We have a date set. January 25th." She said in a rush, hoping I wouldnt actually understand, but I did. And I should be happy. Should be happy theyre going to get in alot of shit for this. But I felt kind of sick at the whole thought of it.

"Honey your green. I want you inside. Say goodbye to Liam and that other boy" She said giving them death glares.

"Mom its Liam and Niall. And okay" I agreed. I waved by to the boys and they waved back with sad expressions.

My night was relaxing.

Hot bath, Hot chocolate, cozy clothes, and a book I was reading from before I moved here.

But I couldnt keep interest. I felt trapped in here. This house. This house wasn't my home, but then again its as home as I am going to get.

I noticed I'd become extremely hot and sweaty. Time for a walk.

I pulled myself up and walked outside all bundled up in winter clothing. Mits, hat, scarf, jacket.

I began walking down my block. Houses had Christmas decorations up. Christmas. I'd forgotten all about it. I continued walking. Taking turns and turns and turns. I'd forgot to tell my mom but whatever. I could care less. It was nice being alone tonight. Even if I was slightly freezing.

Then I noticed a rather familiar car parked in a house with a farmiliar boy. It was Louis' house. The window was open. I could hear screaming. Yelling. Horrible things. It was both his parents yelling at him. I was stood on the opposite side but I could see cleary what was going on. He came rushing out, slamming the door behind him.

I saw him pull out a smoke. But it wasn't a cigarrete. Im pretty sure it was weed. He then noticed me and I tried to hide. It was too late.

"Maddi? Is that you?" He yelled.

I turned around facing him akwardly. And began to walk over.

"Yeah..." I whispered. I wasn't sure if he was in a good or bad mood. But so far good. I wasn't to scared of him getting violent as I was with Harry or Zayn. But Louis is still scary all the same.

His brown hair was pushed to the side all messy and his eyes were sparkling.

We just kind of stared at each other akwardly.

"Im in deep shit. Im screwed." He began to complain.

"Well sorry, you know I had to. I needed to." I started.

"Everythings down hill from here. My grades are absolutely horrible, I'll be going to jail and now my parents hate me everybody hates me." He said taking a puff of his for-sure weed.

"Well I know your parents dont hate you, I mean they can their your parents." I said trying to make him feel a tad bit better.

"My dad fucking hits me. Its ridiculous. And my mom. Step mom. I dont know whats up with her.But I know she's a bitch. Im pretty sure she married my dad cause' of his some-what good paying job" He said staring at his feet.

"Im sorry about that" I admitted.

"Plus you hate me." He groaned.

"Kind of. Yes" I not amused.

It began to lightly snow. It was pretty. With all of the lights. Louis' house has a string of red and greed lights hanging around his house aswell.

"I should be going" I said. I could feel myself getting worried for him. That couldnt happen. That goes everything Im against. I better be going anyways.

"Yeah" he said. We both looked at eachother oddly in the eyes. Like we were both thinking the same thing. We just had a conversation together without fighting. It was weird. We both could feel the tention in the air.Of all times this is when things start getting calmer between me and him. Weird.

I walked home and thankfully nobody noticed I was gone. No shocker there...

A few days past. Of random activities taking place. I met my soon to be lawyer. He was a knob. He didn't care or have any enthusiasm. I got kind of worried he wouldnt do his job properly.

Liam and Niall took turns dilivering my homework for me each day. I got barely any of it done.

Christmas holidays were going on now. And my cousins were visiting. Great.

Mom, promised she didn't speak a word. But I never know.

They sat at the dining table with me and my mom and my dad who managed to make it.

It was my moms sister and two daughters and her new husband. I always liked Natalie, one of the two. And then there was Amber who was a complete idiot and snob. Her hair was died blonde and she had blue eyes. She kind of looked like barbie and it annoyed me. She was richer than us somehow and she always tells me about her life in California and all the sexy boys there which I could care less about.

I liked it here in England. I actually kind of liked the weather.

Supper ended. And mom made me pretend to be normal because she has no concern about my emotions it seems like anymore.

"Oh sweetie tell Maddi about that boy that has a crush on you" My aunt Sarah said.

"This really cute boy was hitting on me with his weird friend today when we were bringing our suitcases in." Amber started to say with excitement.

I gave her a dead expression hinting I dont care.

Until she continued...

"Yeah uh mom what was his name again?" She asked with a stupid ring to it.

"Wait it was... Harry!" She continued.

You've got to be kidding me.

My mom who was cleaning up the dishes dropped one that smashed causing the whole room to be silent.

"That boy is bad news. A horrible absolutely horrible kid" My dad said lifting his glassed up high to his eyes.

"Oh really?" My Aunt Sarah asked with dissapointment in her voice.

"Yes really" I said harshly.

"Thats just how I like them" Amber stated causing Aunt Sarah to laugh an abnoxious laugh.

They were doing this right infront of me. I looked the two in the eyes. I was about the cry. How could he appear to them as such a 'nice' boy. If only they knew. My eyes started watering up.

"Oh, is that an ex-boyfriend of yours?" Amber asked twirling her hair tilting her head looking like a fool.

"Never" I said holding back my tears.

"Enough!" My dad yelled. Wow. Go dad!

I've never seen him get upset like that infront of company.

Harry is an absolute nob for doing that. I would confront him about that. But I knew I couldnt.

Just as my mom finished picking up the broken glass from the plate. I heard a ring on my doorbell...

Hey guys Im so sorry it has been forever! Im re-inspired to write more so stay tuned for more very soon! School has just been pretty hard so yeah. Bye guys keep reading I love you all! :) ~Maggie






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