Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


8. Just when I thought things couldnt get worst(8)

Monday morning

 Maddie's P.O.V

I did not want to go to school today. But I could not fall behind. My mom will kill me if I do.

I spent all of Sunday doing absolutely nothing. And I could care less.

I did my morning routine as always and made my way down stairs.

My mom was waiting there. "How was your weekend honey?" She asked, while on hold on the phone. Pathetic.

"It was fine" I lied. My eyes started filling up with tears. I turned around and whiped them off. I couldnt let my mom know. I couldnt let anybody...

My mom drove me to school as always. I wasn't late, but I wasn't early either.

I made my way to my locker.

I saw Zayn standing there with all of the boys. I wasn't going to let them bother me this morning. I was not in the mood after what happened. I am so frightened and scared still.

I made my way to my locker. They were all laughing before I got there, and then it went dead silent.

I opened my locker rolling my eyes. I did not want to be here.

"Hey maddie" Zayn said and I could see a smirk from the corner of my eye.

I ignored him. I was getting my stuff out of my locker.

"Did you have fun at the party?" Niall asked cheerfully.

I stared at all of them dead serious. With a desperate expression on my face, so they could just leave me alone.

Liam made his way over.

Everyone was here, at mine and Zayns locker.

"are they bothering you" Liam asked furiously.

"no" I whispered.

"Liam, where did you go at the party" I yelled at him.

The other boys just watched.

Louis started to laugh.

"I was looking for you, I couldnt find you anywhere!" Liam yelled.

"I was- I was" I started. I looked down at my feet and started to cry.

"Woah, why is she crying" Louis asked cluelessly.

"I have no idea, she's messed" Harry said still engaged in what was happening.

"You said nothin bad would happen if I went" I whisper yelled to Liam allthough Louis,Zayn,harry and niall could all still hear.

"Did something bad happen?" Liam whispered.

A clump in my throat formed.

"Nothing happened to her Liam, she's just looking for attention." Zayn protested.

Liam grabbed my hand and walked me to math class.

We sat in our seats. I was sat with him today.

"You know you could tell me anything" Liam stated.

"Everythings fine" I said pulling out my unfinished math homework.

All the other boys came in. They didn't sit by us, suprisingly.

During around half the period Liam went to the bathroom.

Thats when Louis,Zayn, and harry crowded around my desk.

"Please go" I begged avoiding eye contact.

"Why something wrong?"Zayn asked, staring directly at Harry.

"Seriously Im not in the mood" I whisper yelled.

Louis flicked me in the head before heading back to Niall's desk leaving Zayn and Harry at my desk.

I just ignored them.

"Maddie. Anything interesting happen at the party?" Zayn chuckled.

"No" I lied. Like I was ever going to tell them.

"Did you have sex with Liam?" Harry teased.

"God no, I've just met him. Im not a slut" I protested. Tears filled my eyes.

"Listen you guys have no idea what happened please leave" I begged.

I looked over to see Niall looking concerned.

'We aren't leaving" Harry smirked.

"Please, leave" I whined.

"We know your secret" Zayn laughed. He then looked at my right in the eyes.

My stomach dropped. What if they knew what happened at the party?! No, they couldnt have.

"Listen, I am so sorry, for anything I have done to upset you. Please leave me alone, Im not in the mood. And I know deep down you are wonderful people so please just leave me alone." I gave them an uneven smile.

Their faces dropped. Guiltiness stuck their faces. And with that they left, right before Liam entered.

English class and art cllass were the same. Nothing really happened allthough the boys just kind of stared at me akwardly.

I have to keep pretending that everything is okay. When in reality nothing is okay, its all wrong.

Gym class was next.

I decided to wear yoga pants and a long sleeve top to cover the bruises from my wrists that was caused by them squeezing to hard.

We were in our squads when...

"Maddie Dawson, where is your uniform?" She asked fiercily.

"Uhm I cant wear it. I uhh, forgot it" I mumbled.

"You can wear this. Now go change." She yelled.

"I- I can't-"

"Now!" She yelled cutting me off.

I came back to the room. The bruises were pretty noticable. The game had alread started. We were playing football (soccer). I stood akwardly as defence. I was looking at the ground when someone smashed into me, causing me to fall on the ground. It was Louis.

He grabbed me on my bruises and lifted me up. He did that on purpose.

I was asked to the sidelines by my gym teacher asking me about the bruises. I ended up getting away with just telling her it was my dogs leash. I bet she didn't believe me.


I walked home again with Liam. We stopped at a park, where the other boys were there.

"I will be quick I need a note from Niall" Liam said running quickly towards Niall.

"Why do you need it from Niall" I asked.

"He's in my science class and he has a note that I missed and I need it" Liam said.

"Do you have to get it from him" I whined.

"Nothings going to happen. Stay here. Or come I dont know" He simply suggested.

He's being such an idiot. They are all there.

I walked behind Liam over to them.

"Hey Niall, do you have that note from Science I need it" Liam asked polietely.

"Uhh, yeah" Niall said looking confused. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his binder. It was taking forever.

``Where did Zayn and you go at the party" Louis asked harry.

``nowhere. We just went for a walk to go get some beer." Harry said blankly.

"Ì didn`t see you for like 2 hours."`Louis asked.

"Just drop it Lou" Zayn snapped.

"So where were you when Liam was looking for you"Louis asked with smug all over his face.

"Uh. I was uhm. Just wondering around" I said staring at my feet.

"Thats funny I didn't see you around" Harry looked at me pretending to look confused.

"Well, nothing happened" I said nervously.

I was loosing my touch. My confidence I used to have.

Zayn and Harry kept glancing at me and to eachother.

I put my arms around myself.

"We know where you went." Harry laughed.

"Where?" Liam asked looking confused at me.

"She left with two guys" Harry chuckled.

"No I didn't!" I yelled quickly. Which came off suspicous.

"Did you Maddie`` Liam asked.

``No ofcorse not,  Liam I was sick and I couldnt find you...`` I pleaded.

``Why do you think she was gone so long?`` Harry asked Liam.

"`There lieing Liam" I objected.

They were kind of lying atleast.

I got chills thinking about that night. It was was terrifying. The worst night of my life.

"`Where were you the whole night Maddie, if you were wondering around I would have bumped into you"`Liam asked.

We were all standing in a circle. I couldnt keep lying my heart was pounding.

"Woah Maddie. Calm down. If you did just tell me"Liam said looking sad.

"Liam believe me thats not what happened. I need to leave." I turned around and started to walk away.

Cold hands grabbed my hand. It was Harry he turned me around and dragged me back to the circle.

"Let go" I demanded.

"Tell Liam exactly what happened" Harry said with anger in his tone.

Ì looked him in his green eyes, pleading that he would stop talking.

"Go on" Zayn smirked shoving me towards Liam.

"Liam can we go." I begged him.

"No, I want to know. Harry and Zayn are liars. But they dont lie to me, atleast Im pretty sure"Liam asked concentrated on me.

I turned around to see Harry and Zayn with big smiles on there face.

"`Liam! You cannot be serious" I yelled.

"Ìf nothing happened, why cant you tell me" He whisper yelled.

"Liam its not that easy to explain" I said seriously looking him dead in the eyes.

"Did you, or did you not" Liam was starting to get frustrated.

"No!" I yelled. Why was he being so abnoxious.

Wait Harry and Zayn said they saw me get carried away at the party. Maybe they saw who it was...

Niall looked at me with sorry written all over his face. What and idiot. You cant walk around with them and call me names and act like your all innocent.

"Liam I was, I was-"`I stuttered.

"`You were what" Liam asked.

I turned around and walked right over to Zayn and Harry. I pushed them.

"`Who did you apparently see leave with me" I demanded with no patience.

"Yeah who" Niall asked concerned.

"Uhm... I forget"`Harry mumbled.

"Zayn, do you remember" Liam asked.

I was mad at them alot, but I really wanted to know too. Those people are sick. And now Im stuck with those horrible memories forever. I havent even processed the whole thing yet. I just keep thinking that Im gonna wake up and this was all a dream.

"I uhm..."Zayn mumbled.

Harry nudged Zayn.

"I dont know"

"So you did have sex?."Liam said looking at me with disguist in his face.

"Please Liam dont do this"I said grabbing his hand.

"I though you liked me, then you go do this!"He yelled.

"Liam no. I would tell you what happened but I can`t"`I cried.

"What happened"Zayn whispered from behind me. He had come right behind my back.

My stomach dropped.

"Nothing. I had sex with them"`I lied. I couldn`t let them know what happened. I just stared at the ground.

"Wow" Liam said as he through his hands up. He grabbed his bag and walked right away.

"Liam please" I cried. He didn`t answer me. He just walked away ignoring me.

"Are you happy now? You took my only friend away from me!"I yelled at them.

"I told you, he wouldnt stay your friend" Harry spat.

I started to cry again like a maniac. Tears were rushing down my face. I started breathing heavily once again.

Ì picked up my bag and started to walk away.

"Dont leave just yet" Zayn said grabbing my arm.

I tugged away and just kept walking.

"I have an idea" Zayn chuckled.

He grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the circle.

"What the hell do you want now?"

They all smirked accept Niall.

"I`m leaving boys. I dont want to be here" Niall said looking sick.

"Fine, your gonna miss something good though"Louis yelled to Niall as he walked away.

Zayn pulled some smokes out of his pocket.

It reminded me of that night. When that other person smelt like smoke.

"Ew, get that away from me"I said giving him a dirty look,

"Take a puff"Harry said.

"Yeah right!,thats disgusting!" I yelled.

"Do it." Louis cheered on.

"God no." I whined backing up.

Then suddenly.

Hary yelled "Boys, grab her"

They both grabbed my arms and held me tight.

"Ew, please dont!" I yelled as I squirmed around.

"Do it, or something worse will happen" Harry yelled.

We were still in the park. No body was around. Come on. Somebody come over. We were at the end of the park covered by a whole bunch of tree`s.

"`Like what?" I asked sarcasticaly.

"I`ll burn you with it."He said. Louis and Zayn started to laugh.

I tried to run away.

"Don`t even try"Zayn said calmly.

Zayn passed harry a cigarette.Harry took a lighter from his back pocket and lit the smoke.

He put it close to my face. I just turned my head looking at Louis.

"Just do it" Harry said.

"No!" I shouted.

"I am not scared of you" Harry said as he looked me right in the eyes.

"You may have been popular at your old school, but not here" he continued.

"I`m not scared of you either!" I yelled.

"You sure did seem like it Saturday night" Zayn said.

Harry looked him dead in the eyes.

"What" I asked. I was so confused right now.

"Take a drag of the smoke"Harry insisted as he held it close to my face.

"Whatever you asked for it yourself" Harry said as he shrugged his shoulder.

"Cover her mouth" Harry said as he nodded at Louis.

Louis put his hand over my mouth. God damnit.

I tried to escape but they just held tighter and tighter.

Harry rolled up my sleeve.

I tried to scream `please dont` but it just came out as moaning that no one could understand.

I tried shaking my arm away but then Harry grabbed it.

"The more you move the more its gonna hurt!"`He said impatiently.

He finally made my arm stay in place.

Slowly, he pushed the cigarette down into my skin.

`OW` I screamed comming out as a blurred moan.

Louis imediately removed his hand from my mouth.

My knees gave out and I started falling. Louis and Zayn held my up off the ground from falling.

It burnt so bad. More than I thought it would. Each second it was in my arm felt like years.

I started crying even more. I started kicking to try to realase but I just couldn`t move.

I just wanted to squeeze the spot that was burnt. And try to make it feel better but it hurt so bad and they wouldnt let me move.

"Stand up straight" Harry hissed.

"Your a monster! All of you! Let me leave now"I yelled with anger flushing through myself. M face turned red, I could tell.

"You cant leave until you try the cigarette." Zayn said as he smiled looking at me like I was a child.

Harry lit a new cigarette and held it close to my mouth.

I leaned my head in, and put my mouth on it. I inhaled.

I coughed and coughed. I didn`t know how to do that. And it tasted absolutely disguisting.

The boys just started to chuckle abit.

"Do it right!"Harry yelled.

"You have to inhale it and bring it to your chest. Hold it then breathe out" Louis explained.

"Your sick you know that right" I said in an angry tone.

He held it again. Closeto my face. My hair was getting in my face.

"Uh, my hair is going to catch on fire." I yelled annoyed.

Zayn tucked my hair behind my ear. Leaving me with chills all over my body.

I reached my mouth for the cigarette and took the tips. It tasted so disgusting.

As soon as I knew I could. I blew the smoke out slowly.

"Good. Wasn`t so bad right" Harry asked.

I just looked down at my feet. I was so fed up with these boys I swear to god.

After that Louis and Zayn let go of my arms.

I grabbed the part of my arm that was burnt and just held it.

I sat down on the cold wet ground. The snow was melted but it was still cold.

I just held my arm tightly and dug in my bag for a cardigan I had.

I wrapped it around my arm.

"`Can I see it" Zayn asked.

"No,you prick screw off" I said harshly.

He looked mad.

I got up and ran away, holding my arm with my bag hung over my shoulder.

I ran a few blocks away then stopped.

I walked the rest of the way home making sure no one would see me.

I got home and I seen my mom and dad at the kitchen table. Shit.

`Honey supper is ready!"She yelled.

I put my cardigan on covering my arms.

I sat down and put a smile on my face.

"Hi dad, I haven`t seen you in a while!" I said with fake excitment.

"yeah I know. Work has been quite busy. Your mom says you made a new friend and you like your school is that right`He asked smiling

"Àctually I dont really like it, are there any other highschools I can move to?" I asked.

My parents looked shocked.

"Im sorry honey, this is the only one. This town isn`t that big. Whats wrong with your school now?"She asked concerned.

"Well..." I was interrupted my her phone going off.

"Hold on sweetie its important I must take it"She apoligized.

My mom left the room and my dad went to get more food.

I grabbed my stuff and headed up to my room.

I hate my parents. They dont care about me. No one does.

I layed in my bed and listened to music. I stared at my cieling thinking about everything.The boys, the rape, Liam leaving me, my parents, them making me smoke.

This was horrible. I hate everything.




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