Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


13. Just weird. (13)

I woke up. More tired than when I went to sleep. But I somehow made myself get up and walk downstairs in my pyjamas. Did I actually tell? Tell the school, my mom? I dont know why but I kind of hoped it had been a dream or something. I didn't want to face my mother.

As I walked down stairs fixing my bed head I noticed my dad was back. He was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands with my mom.

When my dad noticed me he rushed over and gave me a big hug.

"Things are going to change around here darling. But first we need you to talk to the police" He said with sadness in his eyes. He pointed over to the door. Where a police man and woman stood.They had serious expressions on their faces which scared me. But they soon had smiles on when we were sat on my couch.

I was on one couch with my mom and dad and the police were on the other side. It was all going by so slow. I told them about me and Liam going to the party and about how I was sick and was well... 'sexually asaulted'

"Do you have any clue who did this to you?" The man asked looking me in the eyes. I looked away. Down at my feet. Was I actually going to say it?

"Uhm. Well... uh, I think. I mean it was Harry St-tyles. and uhm Zayn mal- malik?" I stuttered. I wasn't exactly clear on their last names.

"Those little pricks" my dad mumbled. Making me incredibaly akward.

"Do these boys go to your highschool?" The girl officer asked.

"Yep" I said akwardly.

The next few questions are all a blur. I just kept thinking about what Harry and Zayn were gonna say, gonna think, what were they going to say, what were they going to do?

I told them about them harassing me. And I told them about the cigarrete incident and all that. I even told them about Louis. I couldnt risk not telling them just because I did feel bad a bit. But then again I shouldnt.

It went by so slow. And it did actually take like 2 hours. After the investigating was done I felt free again. I headed up to my bedroom and crawled back in my bed. I was absolutely exusted. I just wanted to get this all over with.

I woke up to my alarm on my phone once again. I got ready but when I came down my mom was making pancakes. Which she barely does since shes usually gone.

"Honey you dont need to go to school today" she implied.

"Its fine" I said not sounding convincing.

"Yes. Well I dont want you to go to school. Not for a while. I'll be picking up your homework for you"

I was starting to feel sick now. I didn't actually want my parents involved. Nobody involved.

"Okay" I said as I went back up stairs.

My phone vibrated. I looked down to see who the text was from. It was from Liam?

Liam: Maddie. Im sorry I didn't believe you. Its just their my best friends and have been since ever. I guess its just hard for me to realize they are pretty much evil. Niall feels really bad about it too. He's really worried. Me and him both are. Please tell me you didn't go to the cops yet!


Maddie: I went to the cops. I told them everything. I didn't talk about you two though dont worry :/

Liam: No! Maddie. Harry and Zayn aren't at school today. Louis is though. Did you tell on him?

Maddie: Well I told on him about what happened between me him Zayn and Harry with the cigarrete at the park :$

Liam: Shit. I dont know where Harry or Zayn are. We need to talk... in person. Can me and Niall come over?

Maddie: No! My parents are freaked out about everything. I dont think its a good idea.

Liam: Well you can meet us somewhere right?

Maddie: Uhhh maybe. I guess.

Liam: Where and when?

Maddie: I dont know. How about after school time. And meet me at the pizza place on Mary street.

Liam: Sounds good. Im so sorry. Harry and Zayn are dicks. And Lou.

Maddie: Obviously. I got to go now. Bye.

My dad had to go back to work today. In another city. Jesus Christ. I thought he actually cared this time. But ofcorse I was wrong.

I just layed in bed all day til about 2:00. I was watching random movies on netflix and drank hot cocoa. My mom took the day off and she even joined me. It was actually pretty nice for once. She tried not to talk about everything but it did come up.

I looked at my phone to see that it read 2pm. School ends at 3pm here and I had a hot shower. Did my hair and makeup. And by the time that was all done, I had 20 minutes left. I walked downstairs and into the living room where my mom was on the computer.

"Mom can I run to the pizza place and get some pizza?" I asked nervously.

"Oh God no. I dont know who is out there and I need you to stay." She insisted.

"But mom, you see well I am meeting my friend Amber there. Me and her became really close over the past month and weeks and she wants to talk and well yeah." I lied straight through my teeth.

Im not sure if my mom actually believed me, but she agreed to let me go.

There was fresh snow on the ground. I walked by myself. And it gave me time to think. I could feel myself losing emotions. Everyday I just became more and more numb. I still have some mixed emotions. But Im losing myself. I mean I smoke now and its gross. And just everything about me has changed.

I got there and saw Niall and Liam sitting there. They had the pizza already bought. I took a seat across from them. I could feel their stare on me. I broke the silence.

"So did you talk to Harry or Zayn or Louis yet?" I asked.

"No. But the police came and asked to speak to Louis during gym class." Liam said biting into his pizza. I took all the pepperoni and cheese off mine I hate pepperoni. Yeah Im a bit weird.

They both looked at me strangely.

I gave them a wtf look.

"What do you want it?" I said sounding a bit harsh.

"Yeah sure" Niall said taking it off my plate. He was wearing those hipster glasses again and a irish jersey of some sort. Which I admit was kind of cute. I have a thing or glasses lets just say.

"Can we get back to the real topic here" I said interrupting my thoughts.

"Yeah, Niall shutup" Liam said seriously nudging Niall abit.

"I just... I dont know what to feel. I mean I know your right in everyway, and they are douche bags but I dont know its quite off betraying them. Its just their my best friends. Were-" Liam admitted.

I couldnt blame him. But I was still extremely mad.

"Whatever. What did you want to talk about" I said un-amused.

"Well..." He started. But then he looked over to see Harry and Zayn and Louis comming through the doors.

They noticed us. They whispered to eachother. And gave us glares before walking over to us. I just kept getting flashbacks to the horrible night. Everything. They're bodies pressed against mine, and their hot breath. The way they smelt. Everything. It was awful. And I also felt sick thinking about the way Louis and Niall made fun of me when I ran out panicking.

I looked over at Niall and felt wrong being here, with them.

Zayn wore a t-shirt with graffiti on it and some black skinny jeans. And Harry wore some baggy grey sweat pants and a big red hoodie.

"Come outside" Harry said looking me dead in the eyes.

"No" I said strong.

"Do it we have alot to talk about" He insisted getting angrier.

"No, just leave you guys. No one wants you here" Liam butted in.

"Fine" Harry said gesturing for the other boys to leave. He followed them.

About 10 minutes later of talking and eating we decided to leave. It was freezing out there.

But we saw Harry, Zayn, and Louis waiting out there for us. Great.

So yeah guys this is all I wrote so far. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS. Im so sorry I havent written in a while. School... But I'll be updating tommorow hopefully so yeah I love you all and keep writing suggestions it really helps!








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